Around Kenya in a few pictures

Kenya is a very beautiful country. Let me prove it This was taken from the back of a project vehicle on the Loitoktok – Sultan Hamud road. What you’re seeing there is the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro that they never show you. Now you know 😀

Did you know there are miles and miles of abandoned railway line in Taveta county? This one was right next to a sisal farm. Quite a sad state of affairs I tell you…

Could you imagine a prison could look so good from the inside? Yes, that is the inside of Shimo la Tewa prison. I quite enjoyed being there. The place is BEAUTIFUL.

Towards the end of our trip, we randomly landed at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s home. And did a short tour of the place. They were cleaning up the place so there was a lot of smoke from the rubbish they were burning. I loved the effect it had on my pictures

This last one was taken here in Nairobi at the Muthurwa estate. Someone lives here.



4 thoughts on “Around Kenya in a few pictures”

  1. Oh wow. You never see Kilimanjaro like that! thanks for sharing. And yes, Shimo La Tewa is amazing. Who woulda thunk we have prisons looking like that in Kenya?

    1. You’re welcome. All prisons in Kenya should be changed to be like that place. You should check my album on my FB called Mombasa Taveta and beyond for more pics of Kili 😀

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