Persons of the Day – Frankie and Tony

What’s a happening people? Ok, so I haven’t come close to a computer in a while thus why no new posts have gone up till now. But worry not, the Mac is back!!!

I did this shoot as part of my target practice. The men in question are two friends of mine, Anthony and Frank (@weka_tyre and @ch1ps_beba respectively on twitter) They are brothers so it was a family thing 😀

This is the first of 2 shoots that I did with the boys so check back soon for the next one 😀They worked quite well together and most of the pics we got were awesome. And quite funny 😀

This is Frank in his element. Please note that the umbrella light in the background is my trademark 😛

And I just had to do the same with his brother Tony 😀

The one thing that I really don’t like about shooting men is that most of them just don’t know what to do with themselves in front of cameras (myself included) but that was not a challenge with these brothers.

If you wanna know more about these boys, just go follow them on twitter (@weka_tyre and @ch1ps_beba)

Till later this week, DEUCES!!!!


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