Kinanda Arts Festival 4

So this past weekend, at the insistence of my friend @msupastar I was at the Kifaru Gardens in Lavington (home turf 🙂 bright and early at 1:30 PM for the Kinanda Arts Festival. There had been a lot of buzz on the twitterverse around it so the place soon filled up with tweeps galore. Here are some of my favorite images from the afternoon

I love doing head shots in the outdoors adn this event gave me the chance to do just that. That was a shot of my friend Nancy (on the left) and her friend.

If you haven’t heard of Elani, I don’t know where you are from. These guys are changing the face of Kenyan music. That’s them performing on stage that afternoon.

And finally, just because I liked this picture, it shall serve as the piece de resistance for this post. Hit the gallery below for some more photos from the event. And big up to my boy @archermishale for taking the camera off my hands for some of the pictures


4 thoughts on “Kinanda Arts Festival 4”

  1. Good Stuff!! There were quite a number of cameras there that day, my pal @estoni was quite impressed by the hardware he was seeing around!

  2. Kweli this was a tweeple’s event! Looks like mad fun though! Awesome close ups! 😀 Kumbe @ArcherMishale has photography skills?!!? Who knew! Lol 😛 The close-ups are awesome! Nice work James!

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