The “Tet”

In my defense, that was the name we were using in jest to refer to this shoot.  I felt that it would suit for the title of this post. So without much further ado: Introducing Nanjira And Kadryn. There’s a long story as to how I came to know these two but let me save that for another day. The shoot was Kadryn’s idea after I had done another shoot with her. I count is as one of my best shoots this year. These two worked well together in coming up with poses and utilizing the location (my backyard and my front yard at home). The results are as follows… I don’t know about you but that shot speaks volumes to me about the bond of friendship between the two girls. Plus they do have some great smiles 😀 This shot struck me as a throwback to the time when 504 was the manager’s car and it was fashionable to be seen wearing bellbottoms and large afros. The 504 in the shot is my lovely one and only (nameless) car. As Kadryn said, this shot is all about the details. See what quirky details you can spot 😀 This one still strikes me speechless. So let me not say a thing. This last shot will most definitely get me into trouble but at this point I am too bothered showing it off to care 🙂 It’s one of the last shots we did that day.  I think it’s one of the most serene shots I have ever taken. And with that, the ‘tet’ was over. You can find Nanjira on twitter and you can also find Kadryn on twitter. Hit me up in the comments section below and tell me if this should classify as the best shoot on my blog so far. Have a great Labor Day weekend y’all!


11 thoughts on “The “Tet””

  1. James, good stuff man. Growing polepole I see. You like portraiture eeh? And you are putting the 504 to good use..

    1. Thanks Albie. Development ni lazima. Portraits are my favorite, lemme not lie. I am people person 😀 And the 504 has to pay for itself somehow.

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