As the sun sets….

One thing in this world that enchants me so much is the setting of the sun. Last night as I was thinking of what to post up today, I happened upon the picture above. This was taken as we were just coming up to Kisumu on a flight to Uganda. You would not believe that it was taken at about 7:15 pm. Everything looks so different from way up there 😀

Another great sunset I came upon was one taken from the boot of a project vehicle heading back to Kisumu from a site visit while I was still in UNDP. The air was smoky for some reason I never found out and this led to a wonderful coloration of the rays of the setting sun.

I should say that photo reminds me of my rural home . Serene and welcoming. Anyway, next sunset I found in my archives was one that was taken outside a small hotel in Taveta town. We’d just come back from a grueling day visiting like 5 project sites on rough roads in a project vehicle I did not like. So getting back to the hotel was welcome relief. Even if we had to wait 4 hours for food. As we waited, I decided to get the sun as it descended into Tanzania.

And as the sun sets on this post (did you see what I just did there? 🙂 I leave you with one last sunset. My favorite of them all. It’s entitled sunset over lake victoria

We have lots more wonderful pictures lined up for this week so keep it here. Till then, bye 😀


4 thoughts on “As the sun sets….”

    1. Thank you 😀 I am thinking of print that first one with the Kenya Airways wing in the shot. Or sell it to Kenya Airways 😀

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