Person(s) of the day – Frankie and Julie

What’s happening people?! First off, apologies for not posting yesterday. I was not feeling so well. I thought that it would be fitting to put these pictures up today. If you all remember, I did a post on Frank and his brother Tony a while ago and I had promised you another post from our second shoot. Well, this is just part one of that post 😀
Introducing JulieFrankie and Julie are the two people who make me (single person) feel bad that I am alone. There, I said it. But really, they are 2 cool cats who make love seem so nice. And they work so well in front of a camera as a couple.

So to date they remain my favorite couple to shoot 😀

And now, I need to join them at a pool party at Julie’s place so more pics when I come back from there 😀 One last shot though, a head shot of Frankie I love.

And with that, here’s wishing y’all a wonderful weekend. Monday we will have all new photos of….stuff 😀



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