At Grogan’s Castle

What’s happening people? This week’s first post is all about a very historic place I visited earlier this year. Have you ever heard of the man who walked from Cape to Cairo to prove his undying love for his wife? Well, he built her a castle on a hill in the middle of a plain in Taveta. It was under renovation when we visited. But it is now open for business. An enchanting place if I may say so myself.Only one word can fully describe that place. Magical

And from the inside

The view from the bar

It is a wonderful place to have yourself a quiet relaxing holiday and I would recommend it to EVERYBODY. You haven’t lived till you’ve visited there. Mark my words. The views in themselves can take your breath away. Imagine looking at Mt. Kilimanjaro as you have your evening tea (or sundowner drink 😉 And actually fishing for your dinner at Lake Jipe. Or visiting a lake so deep no one knows how deep it actually is. Even less know it exists. Well you have a golden chance do so since till June they are having a special offer for Kenyans so head on over to their site and book your stay there right now.

I have not been paid to do this post by the way 😀 I just want to share the awe I felt while I was there. So to crown that, this last image was taken from the side of the castle that faces the Pare ranges. The smoke is as a result of squatters who were burning papyrus reeds to clear land for them to settle on. Something ethereal about this photo.

Till later this week, have fun y’all!


11 thoughts on “At Grogan’s Castle”

  1. Wow! Amazing.
    Why don’t we have men who do such extraordinary things to woo their women? I digress.
    The castle is beautiful

    1. Kwanza I can suggest for you a whole holiday plan for you if you wanna go there and have time. Taita and Taveta districts have such untapped potential.

  2. wow wow,yeah the story of onw beautiful Getrude…who led to the infamous..Getrude hosiptal….what people do for love,grt stuff….its amazing we got an Hacienda in Kenya at the coast…
    The last photo is breath taking…
    i too would love to plann for sm1 one wedding ther it must be fun!!
    let me suggest to some clients…

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