Person of the Day – Farida

So today I have the pleasure of introducing to you a hot girl who convinced me to shoot her with only one smile. Her name is Farida, a journalism student in USIU.

The shoot was kinda a challenge for me as I wasn’t really prepared and had to scout the location in a few minutes. She’d got the camera and some video lights and smiled at me to take the photos.  So I did find a location with my trusty side kick @weka_tyre, set up the lights to bounce off the roof and started clicking away, all within less than 30 minutes. Talk about one touch. She really worked it for the camera and I should say I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot. Quite thoroughly.

Farida is someone I have gotten to know and appreciate over the past like 2 years and  I see a very bright future ahead for this one. Look out Kenya!

One last thing, when I say this girl be beautiful, this is what I mean: She once brought a large part of USIU to a halt as she walked from the cafeteria to Fifi’s. *Reumac runs away and hides*


7 thoughts on “Person of the Day – Farida”

  1. I agree with Wiselar. Sometimes, too much of post processing makes the photography looks unrealistic. I love this.

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