Person of the Day – Yvonne Samantha

What’s happening people?! Apologies for being AWOL for so long. I had a tough week last week. But there is good news. The main reason I was away was because I was planning and executing a music video shoot for the talented Fena. I will put it up here as soon as it’s ready 😀

So, going through my archives yesterday I stumbled upon some pictures I did when I had JUST gotten my first DSLR camera. It was for friend of a friend who just loves having her photos taken. Allow me to introduce you to Yvonne Samantha.

This shoot was a challenge because before her I had never done a shoot that would involve as many changes of clothes. Plus I hadn’t gotten much of a grasp of posing techniques. However, we were both very impressed with the outcome.

Her choice of outfits for the shoot really did justice to her, I should say. And she was a wonderful model to work with. And like good wine, she’s gotten better with age and I can’t wait to work with her once more in the near future.

And that marks the end of today’s post. Keep it here for more later in the week. Till then, thank you for reading 😀


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