Picture of the Day – A Flower

What’s happening people? Here’s hoping everyone had a most interesting weekend. Apologies for being AWOL again most of last week. School’s really taking a lot out of me.

That aside, today we take a quick look into my backyard. Aside from the veritable fruit trees planted all over the yard, the plant which is photographed above also has quite some prominence. It’s in the family of the cactus, sisal and aloe plants and has very tough thick leaves that taper to a sharp point. As soon as I know it’s name I will tell you what it is called. Anyway, out of all that toughness, every so often it flowers. These blossoms are so delicate that you wonder how something so beautiful can come out of something so rough. Today’s lesson is that nature teaches us to be tough and prickly on the outside but beautiful and gentle on the inside.

That, ladies and gentlemen, marks the end of our blog post for today. I can promise you at least 1 poem this week so look out for that 😀

Later!! 🙂


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