Person of the Day – Faith Njeri

Allow me to introduce Faith Njeri. She’s a holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from USIU and a very good friend of mine. We’ve shared many a bad and good class over the years.

A few weeks ago when I randomly put it on twitter that I wanted someone to shoot for this segment, she was among the first people to holla back at me for details. We set up the shoot and she somehow managed to make it through the rough Nairobi traffic to my backyard on the appointed day. Then the magic began happening.

She did a very good job working the poses and the results truly were fantastic…

For more info about this lovely lady, send her a follow request on her twitter or talk to me nicely 😀


Till later this week, deuces!!


2 thoughts on “Person of the Day – Faith Njeri”

  1. Awwww.. Thank you James. Absolutely love it!

    Wow, just love everything about this, and thanks for not photoshopping..

    You even used the photo behind the plant, hahahaha love eeeeet!

    This was fun. THANKS JAMOOOO

    1. you’re welcome dear. It was a pleasure FINALLY getting a chance to shoot you. And thanks for rocking it for my camera. You = awesome 😀

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