Person of the Day – Symone.apk

Allow me to introduce you to Symone. The .apk extension in her name is a private joke between her, myself and @KevDaNative. The story behind our meeting is an interesting one. I was taking @Diasporadical his camera so that he could document the first #KiberaRoadtrip and she’d just started working with him so she was there. Between her, @Znasser, @Diasporadical and @KevDaNative, they succeeded in convincing me to come along for the foray into the various projects @visionafrica has been running in Kibera. That’s one decision I did not regret. EVERYBODY needs to get in touch with @visionafrica to see how they can get involved in helping the youth of Kibera realize their dreams. As they say, a little help goes a long way.

Enough of history. This shoot happened by luck. @Diasporadical convinced me that I should shoot Symone and I could not refuse. The shoot was done late one saturday evening a few weeks ago, right after I had come back home from a half day doing stills on a set. As you can see, Symone really knows how to work the camera 😀

The thing that made me laugh that day was that my lovely niece formed such a quick attachment to Symone. She kept following us around the garden while we were shooting. When Symone said that she was leaving, baby girl loudly ask “where are you going?”. That’s one question you can’t really answer that kid without disappointing her. I still don’t know how Symone succeeded in leaving the house without leaving baby girl wailing loudly.

And that dear folks marks the end of the massive feat of name dropping that can also be called today’s blog post. Do look out for a post I will do later this week about @queenmoraa. You can take a look at her work here and here in preperation 😀



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