Person of the Day – Anne Moraa

Allow me to introduce you to the very talented Anne Moraa a.k.a @queenmoraa. She is a holder of an LLB from Nottingham University. How we met is another long story for another day.

As I got to know more about Anne I discovered the depth of talent she posesses. This is one girl who is going places for sure. Despite her qualification in Law, she is a gifted writer (samples of her work can be seen here) and she had a deep passion for helping the underprivileged young writers . To this end, she is running a training project at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy to aid the girls attain their full potential. Anne is also involved in the Kibera Mpiira Mtaani project run by @visionafrica where she, @wamathai and others train young kids creative writing skills every Sunday afternoon. Yet another very inspiring project that I would recommend you find out about. I would also recommend you join them and help make that difference to the less priviledged in society.

Enough biographical material about Anne for now. What I should mention about that shoot is that it was done in my former studio using @misteralbie‘s Nikon D90 as part of a training session with him to show him the ropes of shooting with that fantasic camera. It was with 2 Prolite D300 strobes set to continous light. I like shooting with continuous lighting in studio most times because you can easily predict how your lighting set up will look like in the shots. Plus, you get such beautiful eye lights with the continuous lighting 😀

This last pic will probably earn me a tongue lashing from Anne, but I think it’s totally worth it. We called this one her ‘Mom look’. Apparently, this is the same look her mother gives her. And as they say, like mother, like daughter.

That marks the end of today’s post. To find out more about Anne, you can follow her on twitter here, and also please feel free to view her work here and here.


Hat tip goes to @akellove for introducing me to Anne earlier this year.


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