Picture of the Day – Tools of Trade

So, as I was shooting the lovely Ms. Lyra Aoko yesterday (fantastic person that one) there were a number of lulls when she was changing and grabbing some stuff from the house. In one of those lulls, I decided to keep busy by taking photos of my Ray Bans atop her Samsung Galaxy Tab. Below is what transpired…So, two very cool items. What would be the job description of the person who could best utilize the both of them? Gimme your answer in the comments section below and the most creative comment will win it’s author a free shoot for 2 with me for the person of the day segment here on the blog. So get a commenting now 😀



19 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – Tools of Trade”

  1. A scrapbooking librarian:)
    A librarian with a knack for the arts(scrapbooking pages of her life while writing a children’s book)ife while writing a children’s book)

    1. *yawn* good try but I got bored before I got past the scrapbooking part. Though I wonder how you’d scrapbook with a tablet computer…

    1. Hahahaha. Ati Ziki momma? That’s fresh. I didn’t see the creativity in your comment. All I read was a lot of truth 😀 Please try again.

  2. A Trophy Wife!(but ofcourse:) Life is care-free, no worries about who is going to pay post-paid bill frm all the calls she makes whenever she’s bored(or lonely)in the day-which is often!The Ray Bans, well, she’s got youthful style and is a diva!Original labels r a must!!

    1. eh, hmmmmm. I like your back story but the profession isn’t much creative. Definitely in the running because of the back story though.

  3. Would say a wedding planner. The need to have emails, lists & tasks at their finger tips and working outdoors mostly, the glasses are a must.

    Besides, got to look the part!

  4. An out of the world, gay publicist to the divaS..
    The pink tablet cover complements his khaki satchel from Sandstorm Kenya, and they Rayban’s cos they are sexy!

  5. An engadged man who just bought a two door convertable (think of a Jaguar or an SLK) with a tour firm. benefits in the keepin track of his cars and venues yet complimenting the car’s look.

  6. I bring you this information at great risk to myself. I do this because I owe you one since you were patient and accepted my late submission of screenplays for your projects in 2011. Your grace to me in my youth has stayed with me all these years, and when I heard that you sought information regarding the items shown, I knew I had to repay you. I have sent this message back to you, for I trust that yo will find it useful. 2052 is a tough time, and I am not sure that the carrier of this message will be able to safely arrive back at 2011. If you do receive this message, please be advised that you must destroy it before 2019.

    These items most assuredly belong to the sky captain Commander Kip-Major. As to your inquiry about his career, all I can tell you is that he is charged with protecting the East African skies. It is a great hush-hush ordeal, but I received this information by chance, and I believe that I am the only civilian that is aware of the existence of Commander Kip-Major. I am relaying this information to you; understand that this puts you in grave danger- by the year 2019, you must ensure that all evidence of this communication is destroyed completely.
    After President McClean of the USA was assassinated, and the East African Alliance of Nations formed, Commander Kip-Major was appointed to head a team of an elite Air Force unit in the protection of the East African skies. His first assignment was to cover up a large crater formed by a meteor landing that destroyed an entire village in Mozambique. Locals reported sightings of human-like beings emerging from the crater before the authorities arrived at the scene, but all the 26 witnesses that testified to these sightings were later sent to different psychiatric asylums, diagnosed with various mental illnesses, and their descriptions of pale beings with large heads and shrunken limbs were dismissed. Kip-Major completed this assignment in 2019, and in his official report, witnessed that the crater was indeed formed by a meteor, and no life/beings could have emerged from the crash. The geologist that accompanied the Commander was killed in a fatal boating incident a few weeks after the completion of the assignment. Kip-Major wore the sunglasses pictured above at every public appearance since the completion of his first assignment. Nobody knows why, but some say that what he saw at the site that summer in 2019 was so horrible that he can no longer show his eyes to people without sharing the terror of the experience. (House-wife rumors, you know)
    The galaxy pad, I am led do believe, was a gift from his first love. He has no other pink item in his belonging, and his servants say that he does not allow anybody to touch it. Nobody knows the identity of the source of this gift, but those in his inner circle believe that uses it to communicate with somebody- probably the woman in question.

    *Contrary to popular belief, Commander Kip-Major is not from Washington DC. He is in fact, from the Kalenjin people of the East African Alliance of Nations, in the region formerly known as Kenya. He grew up in the region formerly known as Tanzania, and received aviation training in Mozambique.

    If these items have appeared in your own time (2011) then it must mean that Commander Kip-Major has traveled back there. He now walks among you. Be careful, my friend, for if it is discovered that you know of his existence, you will be in grave danger.

    Your friend,

    1. I swear you’re a special one. For taking so much initiative and actually coming up with that whole story, you get the prize 😀

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