There’s a story to be told – Another teaser

So, the other teaser post (view it here) brought me a lot of heat from @msupastar this morning on Twirra. She was supposed to be at the shoot with us but decided instead to go gallivanting with @kevdanative in Nyeri. A challenge arose for me to top Kev’s post about their travails in Nyeri (view it here) and this is my (probably feeble) attempt at doing so.

There is a story to be told. A story of greed and power.

A story eventually filled with joy and happiness.

A story of a man, his wife AND his girl.



All images are straight out of camera. And the story will be told. Later this week hopefully 😀


9 thoughts on “There’s a story to be told – Another teaser”

  1. I like. You managed to make Marcus look good. That can’t be easy.
    Let’s see how the actual post will be.
    P.s – Mine were not necessarily posed photos. I did clean them up a bit though.

    1. Thank you sir. It was not easy, that’s for sure. I was lucky there wasn’t much difference in skin tone tween him Kadryn and Wairema. Otherwise ningepata shida. The actual post will be something special if everything falls into place as I have imagined it. Great job on the pics by the way. The lighting and angles were on point sana.

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