Person of the Day – Lyra Aoko

Allow me to introduce you to Lyra. She is the winner of the inaugural Samsung Zikistar competition


I met Lyra at a launch that was held for her at the Galileo lounge mid June. I was covering the launch for Vibe weekly and I remember that when the press was done having a karaoke competition, Lyra was called on to do a rendition of Beyonce’s Listen. When she started singing, I remember remarking to @kevdanative that if she was taking part in the competition, the rest of us had no chance at winning it, only to find out a few minutes later that she was actually the Zikistar 😀

To cut a long story short, Lyra followed me on Twitter shortly after the images from that launch went up (view them here) and I was starstruck (for a short while anyway) She’s most recognized for her attractive smile and bubbly personality. As a performing artist, she has already collaborated with Wyre on a single called Happy that was launched that night at Galileo lounge and has gotten quite a bit of airplay on FM stations across the country.

She’s looking forward to studying communications in the near future. I might not be able to say where and exactly when without express permission 😀 She loves music quite a lot and would like to study it too.

The shoot was a lot of fun. It was very relaxed because she was scared that she couldn’t model. But the images came out really well. Especially the B/W images. It was a challenge choosing the few images I have put up. There were so many fantastic shots.

For more about Lyra, there’s an article on her by One FM available here, you can find her on Facebook here and her SoundCloud is here.



I have been feeling lens flares for a while now. Like the one in that last pic. Not the easiest things to pull off though.

Later gators :-]


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