Rendezvous in the Hills – Behind the Scenes

What’s good y’all?! Apologies for being away for the past few days. It’s been an interestingly busy weekend.


Anyhu, late last week I sent out a general call on my Twitter and Facebook for people who would be interested to join me at a shoot atop the Ngong hills. The reactions wasn’t fantastic but in retrospect, it was a good thing we weren’t too many people. gave me a chance to focus my energies on the 2 who I ended up shooting.

It was a really fun shoot. Kavosa was the main model and she really really brought it. Kadryn did creative direction and Christine did lighting.

That was Kadryn at work helping Christine pose for a shot. I should say she did a really good job of thinking up poses for both Kavosa and Christine and she was wonderful with props and setting up a scene.

Every shoot has it’s fun moments and we had our fair share of them. My favorite one was right before we called it a wrap when the whole crew started dancing to a luhya wedding song. (I am gonna get skinned alive for posting this picture 🙂

I am thankful for this crew who worked together with a synergy that was on it’s own special level even if they’d only just met. I will be bringing the images from that shoot in 2 installments this week. Both will be person of the day posts about Kavosa and Christine. Look out for those.


Till later, have fun y’all 😀


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