Person of the Day – Christine Njeri

Allow me to introduce you to Christine. She is an IT student at JKUAT in her final year.

I met Christine this past sunday. She heeded to the call I had sent out last week for people to shoot and shoot with at the Ngong hills on sunday and she’d offered to help shoot. She ended up posing for quite a few photos herself apart from doing lighting. She is seriously all about fashion and maintains a  a facebook page entitled “the fashionista mansion” which is all about fashion trends and styles. She is currently working on a blog which will be about my personal style and fashion news and styles. I will link to it as soon as it is up.

In the near future she wants to be “an amazing stylist for an awesome magazine” (her words, not mine). She also wants to own her own fashion store like Mr. Price or Truworths. She is also working on her own fashion website which will cover all that there is to know about the fashion industry in Kenya. She really wishes we had Vogue Magazine in East Africa (I am not an ardent Vogue reader but I must concur).

Christine says that she is all about fashion and she really wishes that she will get a nice job in fashion and get to go Paris, Milan and all the major fashion cities around the world. Fun facts about her, she thinks she’s the craziest person about fashion, and she thinks she’s a major shopaholic but  down to earth kinda person.

More stories about the shoot can be found here. I do have to make special mention of Christine’s agility. She was able to climb a gigantic crane, in heels. That’s some skill, I tell you.


Till later this week, enjoy!!!



I did a bit of photoshop to some of the images. If only to show those punks who were deriding my work that I was working with photoshop while they were still wearing shorts in primary school. As @MutuaMatheka said, photoshop is supposed to enhance the image.


5 thoughts on “Person of the Day – Christine Njeri”

    1. Some young graphic designer who thinks he’s fikad and nobody can do anything better than him. He probably won’t ever read my blog but it felt good letting all that negativity out.

  1. It’s always nice to see someone else shoot in the same place you shoot and see their take of it. Hahaha on that photoshop comment. Kuna watu walisema hujui kutumia photoshop?
    Your photos really are getting better with every post. I like that


    1. Thanks for the heads up on the place by the way. Your info was muy helpful. Yes, there was some young graphic designer who saw me enhancing my images on a computer in school and he decided I needed an education in photoshop because I didn’t seem to be doing much to them. Totally ticked me off. But now I am rid of the negative energy 😀

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