Flashback Friday 03 – The Rock Night

There were good days and bad days in Kalmar. This was one of those good days. As the official photographer for Corehouse, the student-run club, I was tasked with covering each and every major event. This was one of the major events that they had happening at the Corehouse. A number of local rock bands were invited for the evening and students encouraged to come and support the bands. Needless to day, attendance was pretty low. But I had fun with it regardless. I was in control of the lights and the smoke machine. And this is what happened…

This was the sound check. And the light check. And the smoke check 😀

The coolest rock group on that stage 😀

The crowd (my friends) getting all up in the musician’s faces 🙂

And finally, air guitars 😀 My favorite moment of them all…

If you wanna read more about how exactly this all happened, do not hesitate to visit this post on my other blog. And till next week, have fun y’all!


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