Time to take a break

What’s happening my good people?

First off, congratulations are due for the regular readers of this blog. Because of you guys, we have surpassed 11K hits in the past 6 or so months the blog has been in existence. That’s awesome! We can only go higher from here. So keep reading and sharing your favorite posts on the blog 😀

Now, because I need to finally finish my stint as an undergraduate student, I need to take a short break from shooting and posting on the blog. It’s final exam week and I need to give it all my all because these are my FINAL exams in my undergraduate history. I really can’t afford anything but the best for these. But worry not, I shall hopefully be back with Flashback Fridays 04 this Friday, so be sure to look out for that.

Till later this week, here is wishing everyone a most interesting time! 😀


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