There was a story…

What’s good people?! I know y’all didn’t miss me. I missed posting though. But I am now back FULLY. Finally done from my undergraduate studies in USIU. Soon to be a jobless university graduate 😀

Anyhu, there was a story that was to be told. It hasn’t been told for such a long time because the ones to tell the story took so long coming up with the story that I have decided to just tell it myself.

It’s a story about a man

His woman

And his girlfriend.

So, this is what I am gonna do. I wanna challenge your creativity readers. I am putting the images in sequence and best story posted in the comments section wins the writer a chance to feature as a person of the day on this blog. Kazi kwenu sasa. 



10 thoughts on “There was a story…”

  1. The woman was so in love with her man. Little did she know that her man had another woman who would do anything to be with this man. So she soon found out and she was so infuriated. she confronted her man and being the man that he was, he dint deny it. And she loved that about him, futhuremore, there was something about this other woman that she sort of…………. liked! The thought of the three of them together………made her go wild! And since she knew that good men, like her man, were hard to come by, she decided, what the hell, lets share him! and they did! And they lived happily ever after. The arrangement they have………….?? your guess is as good as mine!

  2. They all shared a secret. The same secret undisclosed in its entirety. He didn’t know that she knew but she knew that he didn’t know. They were lovers in another time – the woman and the girlfriend. They all lived such elaborate lives and this- this was just a passing aberration. It was a well kept secret, undisclosed to neither and neither disclosed it.

  3. Man loved woman, but she was all woman and no girlfriend. Woman’s love for man would make her do anything for him.
    Man: “Anything??…..”
    He needed some sass in his life, so he found Girlfriend, Ph.D. MSc. BSc. Sass and everything else indecent.
    Woman was hurt, and so she faltered for a bit.
    But she knew what was at stake-a future with the love of her life.
    So she eventually decided to “learn to be girlfriend”.
    And learn to be girlfriend she did. *wink*. All 3 of them did. *wink wink*.
    No sooner than later, it was a wrap.
    Woman was now man’s everything-his woman and his girlfriend.
    But, there were some things that woman would never do better than girlfriend. And once man had tasted of the original forbidden fruit, there was no turning back.

    1. hahahahhaa, “But, there were some things that woman would never do better than girlfriend”. Hilarious stuff! Let’s see if you will be beat by anyone….

  4. wacha wafike Nyumbani “his Woman” will cut off something essentials and his girlfriend can have him 🙂

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