Kinanda Arts Festival Edition 8

What’s good people?! I trust that last week we all had a swell time. This week, we’re starting off with the highlights of the 8th edition of the Kinanda arts festival. This one was really special for me because of many things, including that it was my second stint as official photographer 😀 I must give a big up to the organizers of the event because it was very well thought out and executed. Don’t belive me? Let’s start with my favorite few shots from the 600 I shot that afternoon…

Chris Adwar doing his thing…

Aspiring photographer 😀

The beautiful N’gendo and her killer smile.

And of course the very cool and very talented Moraa.

Since like all of them were my favorite shot, why  don’t I let you hit up the gallery below to have a glimpse for yourself at how awesome this edition of Kinanda was? You are welcome to right click/save as if you find your photo there. You are also welcome to leave me something in the comments section 😀

Till later this week, may the force be with you..


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