Delectable Delights: Fish Tikka

In this latest edition of the Delectable Delights segment, I present yet another wonderful dish that’s on the menu at Hashmi’s Barbeque Centre in Westlands.

Fish Tikka is tilapia fish spiced and roasted on charcoal. It is of course served on a bed of french fries with a side of fresh salad that, with the special sauces that are available at Hashmi’s, make up a very wonderful and filling meal. I am not a lover of fish but this dish had me rethinking why I don’t like fish…


Don’t believe me? Go taste this dish at Hashmi’s BBQ centre at Ukay centre in Westlands. Say I sent you there to prove whether the fish tikka was any good. Then thank me later 😀

That marks the end of this week’s edition of the Delectable Delights. The week still isn’t over so there’s lots more fabulous photographs coming up for you later in the week…


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