Person of The Day – Wangari Mungai

Allow me to introduce you to Wangari. She is a sophomore at the Columbia University in the USA and she’s apparently undecided on what she wants to major in but she has a great interest in Sustainable Development.

Wangari was the lucky winner of a shoot with me because she entered and won a contest I had posted up some time last month (so you see it pays to be a regular reader of A Beautiful Moment :-)) Interestingly enough, she came upon the post on @marcusolang‘s status update (stalkerish behaviour) and that’s how she came to post her entry in the comments and win the shoot.

When I asked her what three things she would like to tell the world about her, she came up with more than 3 things then we went into a long debate about what to put in and what to exclude. The final three are, first she does not have an English name.  She has tried fixing names over the years and one stuck for a while but she finally got rid of it and embraced Wangari as her name. Secondly (surprisingly) she can’t multitask (though I highly doubt that). Finally, her mantra in life is “Just do it ”

She says that in 10 years she wants to be “rich, married 5 kids, no dog. Maybe a 6th on the way” She loves her family quite a lot and she dragged her sister Wangui along for the shoot. Wangui helped with the lighting (a.k.a holding the reflector at just the right angle) and I did get some really great pics of the two.

Don’t they just look totally alike? I’m just saying. The amount of love these sisters have for each other really impressed me. To the specifics of the shoot, it was done this past Friday, in my back yard as always. I was lucky to get Wangari just before she left the country to go back to school. I liked how much she loved to smile. Thus why there are so many photos of her smiling 😀

In conclusion, you can find out more about Wangari by checking her out on Facebook. Thank you for reading today’s post 😀 Look out for a Delectable Delight later this week as well as Flashback Fridays making a comeback this Friday.


15 thoughts on “Person of The Day – Wangari Mungai”

  1. Reumac, I will go ahead and use this opportunity to write a line to the subject of this post.
    Yes. That’s my way of subtly saying “Good job mate.”

    Dear Wangari,
    I’ll make it an objective of mine to, at some point in my life, make your boyfriend very jealous. That is all. For now.
    Olang’ M.

  2. Blush, blush, and then some.
    Reumac, this was so much fun that I’m considering tossing indecision out and turning this “person of the day” business into a life-long career. Just saying 🙂
    And Marcus, as usual, you steal the words right out of my mouth!!

  3. wooohoooo..this is the part i resurrect from your backyard and yell out… i know her! i changed her diaper once! …*cough* look amazing darling. :)…

  4. Reumac please allow me to just scream!!!!!
    Yea go , go girl

    I am so proud of you Wangari so much you would not know how.And I know her!!!we schooled at the same high school and she was my teacher over this past summer.

    She is one of the greatest people I have met so far. An awesome teacher.Thanks again.

  5. hehehe girly you look amazing but i think he was wrong to choose you as person of the day.. coz chica you are so person of the FREAKING YEAR!!! y’all representing us in NYC hello new york and you’re still so awesome and real and I’m just really glad to know u..i mean.. might get a real designer merchandize for just being your friend hehehe

    mwaah ❤

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