Delectable Delights: Faluda

Today, I decided it’s about time I did something different for this weekly segment. The good people at  Hashmi’s Barbeque Centre in Westlands do serve a lot more than just food. They also have a VERY delicious drink called Faluda (some people spell it Falooda)

I am not an expert chef so I can’t describe to quantity what exactly goes into this drink. I do know however that there’s some vermicelli that go in there (the little round things you see floating inside) as well as some rose syrup and some kulfi. Let me take a minute to talk to you about this last ingredient. The kulfi served at Hashmi’s is homemade ice cream. They have a fresh batch every day. That means that it’s tasty like nothing else as well as being fresh. You can’t get this anywhere else, I can guarantee you. That said, the Faluda at Hashmi’s is my second favorite drink after the Tangerine juice. No need to guess why I love the Tangerine juice so much ( I mean, who doesn’t :-))


Make a visit to Hashmi’s BBQ centre at Ukay centre in Westlands to get yourself a taste of this wonderful and refreshing drink. And you can also visit the wiki about Faluda here to find out more about the origins and ingredients in the drink.

More delectable delights shall be coming your way next week. Don’t miss out 😉


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