Flashback Friday 06 – Flight of the Corridor to Oland

What happens to me every Friday is that I take  a MASSIVE trip through memory lane. Today’s trip is a special one. When the sun came out and the days started getting longer in Kalmar, my friends from the 3rd floor of our hostel announced a planned camping trip to a little (not so small though) island off the coast of Kalmar called Oland. The idea was to hop onto our bikes, grab a free bus ride across the bridge to Oland, ride halfway up the island along the coast then all the way across at it’s narrowest point. Total distance one way was about 45 kilometres. I rode there and back. In a single day.

I found the bus really interesting. Apart from how the bikes were actually transported across the bridge, it had a mirror inside that was cracked and I had a blast taking pics of our faces in that mirror.

Oland was quite an interesting island. Part of it was nice and modern just like Kalmar then there was a part of it that felt like you were being transported to the middle ages. There were windmills all over and the field were yellow and bright in the sun. It was wonderful. One windmill we stopped at had a plaque on it that stated that it had been built in the 1600s. It was still operational by the way.

The landscapes there were quite breath taking. My favorite one is below.

For a more expanded account of the bike tour to Oland, do read the journal entry about that trip here. I am sure you will quite enjoy it.

Till next week, have fun y’all 😀


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