Delectable Delights: Vegetable Rice

In this edition of the Delectable Delights segment, I present yet another tasty dish that’s on the menu at Hashmi’s Barbeque Centre in Westlands.


Allow me to present to you today’s dish, Vegetable Rice. This is rice mixed with capsicum, tomatoes, onions and corn.


This is a perfect dish if you’re in a rush and you want a filling meal. It also works well as a desk lunch item. Since the good people at Hashmi’s do deliveries, you can definitely get it at desk if you can’t leave for lunch today 😀 You simply need to call 0733721789, 0722487000 or 0722555505.

As always, if you wanna partake in this dish, drop by Hashmi’s BBQ centre at Ukay centre in Westlands. Be sure to say I sent you there because you might just get yourself juice on the house 😀 It is very spacious and suitable for anything from a family dinner to a romantic surprise.

More delectable delights shall be coming to a computer screen near you really soon…


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