And We’re Back!!

Wazzaaaa!!!! 😀

Happy new year good people. Here’s hoping everyone had a fun holiday. So, I decided to come back with a flash. A flashback that is 🙂

About 2 years ago, I took a stroll in a park right next to a castle

with a pretty lady and her dog

Her name is Sabina and the ball of fur is 4 year old Piazza. She was one of the coolest people I came to know during my whole stay in Sweden. Exactly how I came to know her, I don’t remember. Anyhu, it was a bright day late spring and my days in Kalmar were full of light, colour and warmth.

Sabina and Piazza were perfect company for that afternoon. We spent the time chatting, cracking jokes and taking photos as Piazza ran around the park enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine. Catching her on the move proved a bit difficult for me, so instead I got a couple of pictures when she finally chilled out and Sabina could wrap her arms around her.

and of course a couple of pictures of Sabina by herself 😀

Because I couldn’t spend the whole afternoon outside thanks to some work I had to get done, we had to head back to town while the sun was still high up in the sky. On our way, I saw what I still think is darn near my definition of a perfect photograph.

Please feel free to ask me why 🙂 All in all, that shoot still counts as one of the most fun times I have ever had on the job. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting it in a hurry.


All that said, look out for fresh posts coming your way really soon. My new year’s resolution is to shoot a whole lot more so I should be keeping y’all entertained quite a bit 😀


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