World’s Loudest Library – 4

So this past Sato, I joined a couple of my friends and made some new friends at this month’s World Loudest Library held by the PMBC Library (Who you can find out about here)
Kenya Power sabotaged us like halfway through the gig but that didn’t stop the fun. The candles were unleashed and the people quieted down (except for me and @mkaigwa on the drums for….dramatic effect) to listen to excerpts from last month’s challenge “Made in China” As that was going on, I got these two images of the event organizers @tender_thang and @Raph_out_loud.

That last image was at the insistence of @mkaigwa. Awesome chap that one. The rest of the images are below. A couple of them WILL get me shot at (I’m looking at you Kato). But I don’t care.

This week will be an interesting one so make sure you’ve subscribed to the blog and kept a bookmark on your browser. Big tings a gwan 😉


6 thoughts on “World’s Loudest Library – 4”

    1. Well, follow @pmbclibrary and check out their Facebook page then tweet either of the organizers to find out when the next one is going down 😀

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