Person of the Day – Karima Chiuri

Allow me to introduce you to Karima.

She is in her second year studying Medicine in the University of Nairobi.

I met her at #WLL4 in the company of my friend Nick and I knew there and then I had to have a shoot with her.

As usual. I asked her what 3 things the world doesn’t know about her. The answers were:

1. She is shy (to which I replied “Oh really?”)
2. She is a severe grammar nazi (really wouldn’t know. I don’t think she tweets enough)
3. She likes lions (apparently she’s crazy about them)

Her aspirations for the next 10 years are to be driving a BMW 120d, to be somewhere in the world doing medicine and finally to be thinking of starting/have started a family.

I can’t say much about this shoot. Aside from saying that it didn’t rain till AFTER we were done with the shoot (can’t be thankful enough for that)

Look out for more interesting pics coming up later in the week. There’ll be a second Person of the Day post a bit later in the week as well as some Tasty Treats coming to you. So check back every day.

In other news, are you on Instagram?  Look me up. The name is Reumac 😀


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