What’s cracking fam? So, this past weekend I attended the 1st anniversary gig for UP Nairobi which was dubbed UP Live. I won’t say much about it here though because I think my friend Shaz did a pretty awesome job with that. You can read her blog post here. Lemme instead show you, through my lens, what transpired. First up, a couple of images of note.

A friend of mine called Audrey took this while I was off doing the boogie. I think she’ll be a totally awesome photographer really soon.

Heineken chicks > Burn chicks. Just saying. And if anyone knows one of these two, please tell them I have more their photos.

The rest of the images are available in the gallery below. Also, you can visit the story I did for Urban Live about the same event here.

Blankets and Wine in Mombasa a.k.a Blankets at the Beach.

So I was in Nyali for Blankets and Wine this past Sunday. The lighting was pretty crap but my lovely camera took it in a stride and pushed out some pretty awesome images.

This was my favourite image. I think the kid was looking for her parents. The stare down she gave @annemitaru and @raaheli was EPIC. 

For more images, hit up the slideshow below or check them out on my Facebook page. Like the page if you enjoy the pictures 😀


Look out for images from my travails in Malindi some time next week.

Kinanda Arts Festival Edition 9 recap

What’s a happening good people?! So, I moonlight as the photographer at Kinanda Arts Festival sometimes and the last time I was actually moonlighting as a videographer. One of the videos I shot and compiled is out and here it is 😀

The next Kinanda Festival is coming up this Sunday. Check out the details here and make sure you show up because you just might appear in the next set of videos 😀

Instrument of Musical Perfection

Happy Monday everybody 😀 I trust everyone had a lovely weekend. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the launch for Ma3’s new album Beba Beba at the Goethe Institut and as I was clicking away as usual, I did get quite a few interesting shots. This one was my favorite of the bunch.
I hope to be back to blogging fully this week so I hope you’re looking forward to seeing a whole lot more on this blog 🙂

More of Kinanda Arts Festival Edition 9

A good friend of mine called Albert recently got into the photo taking business and we have been shooting side by side at Kinanda festivals since edition 6. If you remember well, I switched cameras with him for a while and got some really kick ass pics while I was at it. In the spirit of camaraderie, he asked that I put up a few pics from yesterday for him. Here they are 😀

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Kinanda Arts Festival Edition 9

Today marked the return of the Kinanda Arts Festival to the monthly events calendar. Dubbed the “Tumehama Edition”, it marked a new beginning for Kinanda Fest because the venue had changed from Kifaru Gardens to the KARI grounds. Also, because Kinanda Fest took a break in September this month’s edition was extra special as the organizers pulled out all the stops to ensure it would be a world class event. I can assure you that it surely was fantastic.

By the time I arrived at KARI, I was feeling quite harassed. Let’s just say my morning didn’t start out as well as I hoped. I blame Murphy for that 😀 My MO (Modus Operandi) for the afternoon was a tad different because I was tasked with shooting video so that we can create an after movie for Kinanda (You GOTTA look out for that real soon). I still got to take a few pics here and there. The ones that stood out among the hundreds were:

This one of  two beautiful ladies, both called Njeri.

This star studded pic featuring (from left) Polycarp, Chimano, Juliani and Bien.

There were 3 Honda superbikes… I need not say more…

Finally, this was THE CRAZIEST picture I took the whole of today. Presenting, the evolution of man.

Please take some time to enjoy the gallery and slideshow below. Feel free to right click/save as any photo you appear in. Do spread the word as well 😀

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#SafaricomClassicalFusion Concert in Mombasa

What’s up people? I sure hope everyone has themselves a most fantastic weekend 😀

So, this past week I did something most people would regard as crazy. On Wednesday, I hopped onto a bus  at 9 in the AM and about 10 hours later  I was at the Butterfly Pavillion inside Mombasa’s great Haller Park listening to the smooth sounds of @sautisol and the legendary Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I have a whole lot of nothing good to say about Horizon coaches who’s bus I used to get to Mombasa, but lemme save you the trouble. Enjoy the gallery (or slideshow depending on your preference) below 😀

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Do you remember the episode of Tusker All Stars when Hemedi walked out on stage with an umbrella and dark sunglasses? Well, @msupastar was struck with the notion to run with that idea and thus #HemediSwag was born on Twitter. We had a few notables twitpic-ing their own iterations of the umbrella+stunnaz combination which were quite hilarious. This past Sunday at the 7th Edition of the Kinanda Arts Festival, there was a shoot that culminated this new fad. It was organized by @msupastar herself and featured @kevdanative @ngendo87 @kandutsie and @fena_menal. Enough talk, enjoy the images 😀

Kinanda Arts Festival 07

What’s good people?!

This afternoon Kifaru Gardens in Lavington was awash with talent, beauty and style. Yours truly was the official Kinanda photographer, was up and down capturing the moments, so as you can guess I am so tired, and that’s why this blogpost is soooooo…short!! Without further ado, enjoy the images below and check out the Kinanda blog for more of my work.

More of Kinanda Arts Festival Edition 6

So, the blog has hit 1000 views in under 3 hours 😀 Pure niceness I tell you. Big up to everyone who viewed and commented.

Anyway, as I was doing my impromptu photoshoots at Kinanda yesterday, my friend @misteralbie arrived and took away my camera. He put his Nikon D90 into my hands instead and sent me out to create magic. This is what ensued…

Hat tip to him for the spot of luck that led to my getting these pics this morning.

Kinanda Arts Festival Edition 6

So yesterday it rained. And rained. And RAINED. But this month’s edition of Kinanda Arts festival was literally the best I have ever attended. There had only been one performance when the rain came pouring down and while everyone sheltered under the eaves of the Kifaru house, the organizers (@msupastar @rimbui and @wandirik) schemed to have the performances continue inside the house. What ensued afterwards was one of the best acoustic sessions I have attended in the country. In the meanwhile, I kept myself busy doing impromptu photo shoots with the like of @saitonne, Charles Righa, @marcusolang and @askakinyi.

Hat tip to Kevin Mbuthia for the great help in taking photos while I transformed from a zombie back to a human being 😀

But enough garb. Check out the gallery below for the images 😀

Picture of the Day – Fireside Ritual

What’s happening people? Here’s hoping everyone had a most interesting weekend. Well, I won’t be posting much this week because I am in the thick of exam season so time to do edits will be reduced. But I have a large haul for next week. We’ll be doing major posts only 😀

If I was not christian, I would so be having one of those rituals seemingly depicted in today’s picture so that I could be assured of passing grades in my exams. What actually is happening in the pics though is a fireside dance to welcome guests to a bush dinner at the Aberdares Country Club. Now you know 🙂

Picture of the Day – Emma and Friends

This year’s Easter weekend was meant to be different. I had planned to help my friends drive down to Malindi and afterwards enjoy a quiet holiday in the picturesque town. That never happened. I had to stay home for the holidays like every year in the past decade. Thankfully, my friend Emma sent me an invite for a barbecue at her place just in time to beat the holiday blues. She was very specific that I should carry along my camera. That I did. And got some beautiful portraits while I was at it 😀 The image above is just one of the many. It stood out for me because it just makes me wanna smile back. Emma (right) had been bugging me to do photos with her for a while so it was a great opportunity for the both of us to interact “photographically” in preparation for a future shoot.

That marks the end of today’s post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Person of the Day – Rachel

Allow me to introduce Rachel. She says she isn’t a model but she sure does pose like one (and dress better than most 🙂 We met on the set of a photoshoot for a magazine a few years ago and ever since, she has been asking me when i would do a shoot with her. So last week I decided to do her headshots. The one thing I enjoyed most about this shoot was that it took such a short time. Each shot was taken once. Well, most shots anyway. A few had to be re-shot after we previewed them on a computer because we both knew she could do better.

That, dear friends, marks the end of this post. If you would like to see more of Rachel, find her here. Till later this week, have fun y’all!

Kinanda Arts Festival 4

So this past weekend, at the insistence of my friend @msupastar I was at the Kifaru Gardens in Lavington (home turf 🙂 bright and early at 1:30 PM for the Kinanda Arts Festival. There had been a lot of buzz on the twitterverse around it so the place soon filled up with tweeps galore. Here are some of my favorite images from the afternoon

I love doing head shots in the outdoors adn this event gave me the chance to do just that. That was a shot of my friend Nancy (on the left) and her friend.

If you haven’t heard of Elani, I don’t know where you are from. These guys are changing the face of Kenyan music. That’s them performing on stage that afternoon.

And finally, just because I liked this picture, it shall serve as the piece de resistance for this post. Hit the gallery below for some more photos from the event. And big up to my boy @archermishale for taking the camera off my hands for some of the pictures

One King (a musical :-)

A friend invited me for a musical some time close to christmas 2010. I didn’t expect to get my mind blown away 😀That’s like the whole of the cast 😀 The kids were the best though.

I liked this scene. Two brothers fighting over their father’s land. Something about the lighting…This was an interpretive piece choreographed by my friend Tawi. I loved the lighting on Mary and Joseph (background)And with that we bid thee farewell and good day!