Tasty Treats – Steve’s Chicken Bacon Wrap

Before I say anything further, imagine my surprise when I found out these big guys were being sold at 79 bob per kilo in Kiambu. I have been in OD mode since this shoot. So sad their season is almost over.

All matters tangerine aside, the one thing I like to do as a small business owner is supporting fellow small business owners. I had the chance to do that the other day when my friend Steve asked me to photograph his wraps. So I decided to document the whole  process of making the wrap as a bonus to test myself and my skills. So ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing leisure and pleasure I present to you, Steve’s chicken/bacon wrap:

First step is to make the wrap itself. A bit of rolling is required.

When that is nice and flat, he pops it under a grill for a couple of minutes so it can rise and cook.

As all this is happening, the chicken and bacon are frying on the cooker. That kitchen smelled GOOD that morning.

When the wrap is ready and is cooling, the vegetables are chopped up nicely in preperation for the wrap building process.

The chicken and bacon once ready are put aside to cool and the man gets ready to make his wraps.

They look delish eh? Next step is the beginning of the wrap building process. The wrap is put on a piece of aluminium foil and a number of condiments put on it to form the base. This was the mayo.

Next comes a layer of veges. The cabbage and lettuce are ALWAYS fresh. Since he was building this particular wrap for me, I insisted on more mayo. He doesn’t use that much mayo usually 🙂

Next bit is my favorite. The chicken and bacon bits are generously sprinkled onto the wrap. Must I say quite a number of those bits never made it onto the wrap? 😉

And since Reumac has a death wish, MORE MAYO!!!

That’s the point Steve hid the mayo bottle away from me. Next up was more veges to enhance the flavor of the wrap. I loved how they added colour to the dish. (As Steve looked away momentarily, I stole the mayo bottle and gave it a generous squeeze on top of the wrap 🙂

Time now to wrap it up…literally! The wrap is carefully rolled and ends folded in to keep it fresh and make it a little easier to eat. And then it’s delivered to you in a lil brown paper bag. Time to eat 😀 Here’s my wrap after the second bite (or third…fourth…I can’t remember exactly. It was THAT good)

So if you want a taste of Steve’s chicken bacon wrap, drop him a line on his twitter and he can have one delivered to you. They’re filling, tasty like nothing else and quite affordable. As well as being quite healthy. He uses only the freshest vegetables and meat. And not that much mayo 🙂 I would rather buy two of these than go to some hot, cramped restaurant in town for lunch. And that’s that.

I’m in the market for other small business people in the food industry who would wanna partner with me for the Tasty Treats section of this blog. So if you know a person, holla at a brother in the comments section. Dhengks 😀