Stunnaz and Swag

What’s good people?! First off, I have to send out my sincere gratitude to everyone for pushing this blog to the top with almost 1500 hits in a day. Y’all are awesome!!

Anyway, this past friday I got together with my crew to brainstorm on a few projects that we are planning to shoot in the next few weeks. After that really challenging 2 hour session, we had to go do reconnaissance at some places around school and because the late evening light was so beautiful, this happened.

Yes, I was with the usual suspects 😀 The light was really really awesome and it somehow made Njomo’s pot disappear…hehehehehehe

A bit later we retreated to Tony and Frank’s place with a new addition to our posse, Msilanga. I insisted that we go to the rooftop and continue taking pics. I had an idea for a video we could do while the sun was low, so as we prepped for that (read as Tony looked for the camera) I shot everyone.

It was all about our stunna swag that afternoon (one of the pairs was mine 🙂 and I can say that these guys knew how to go hard. All in all an afternoon well spent. Even my phone getting stolen later that evening couldn’t spoil the good feeling I had after that shoot.

And that dear people is the end of this post. I will try to post that video we did that day so y’all can ooh! and aaah! 😉 Till later this week, have fun y’all!!!

P.S Feel free to share this blog with a friend 😀


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