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An Afternoon with Feven

My creativity in post titles has gone to the dogs these days. Sigh. What’s good people? First off, due to many many many instances of theft, I’m trying out a new watermark on my images. Do tell me what you think about it on the comments section.

Now, I had the absolute honor of shooting with Feven yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, I was in shock and awe the whole time because she was so easy to work with and the images were so great one after the other. Below is a montage of my favorite 2 images of them all.


But enough talk now. Enjoy gallery :-D

An Afternoon with Asha

First, before y’all kill me, I just had the absolute pleasure of taking shots of miss Asha of Turande. And they were so good that I got convinced to blog again. It’s not very often that a photographer gets a chance to photograph a photographer :-D


This is undoubtedly my favorite image from the whole shoot.



Si you know I likes my monochromatic images? :-D



She looks FIERCE in this one. And finally,



So pretty! Asha showed up with her cousin Wambui who was a great help with holding my equip and what not.

Before I leave y’all to stare open mouthed at the gallery below, my most sincere apologies for not blogging since the end of last year. I am to blame. But imma try now. Promise.

Reumac out.


My blog’s year in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 35,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 8 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Some new stuff for you to look at

Hello! SO, before you kill me, I’ve got some of the work I’ve been doing with Ma3 that’s up on their page. You can see those here and here. Have a look see and leave them a comment or 2 appreciating the awesome photos :-D

Now you can feel free to stone me or whatever :-)

The Pink Move

Salutations friends :-)

So this October, Reumac Shot This supported a couple of breast cancer awareness initiatives. I usually don’t pick favorites, but my favorite hands down was The Pink Move that was organized by a couple of friends of mine. Our first shoot was spectacular. My best 2 images from that were:


and because I’m allowed to cheat (since the blog is mine anyway)

Then we did another shoot so we could get diversity in our images. Which yielded these gems:



To crown off the month and promote a yearlong awareness activity calendar they have, The Pink Move hosted a Pink Party at Skyluxx last Saturday. I dropped by for a while to show my support. And got this amazing photo while I was there. It’s probably gonna get me killed, but heck. I have a secret bunker somewhere :-D

So before I make my quick getaway, do follow The Pink Move on Twitter and keep abreast (see what I did there? :-) with all their activities. They are definitely gonna make a difference. Oh, and enjoy the gallery of images below :-D


Salutations my good people :-D First off, my most sincere apologies for being MIA for a bit. I had to travel out of the city without warning and the quality of the internet connection in the areas I travelled to was a tad appalling. However, I’m back now and I trust that my Instagram feed kept you entertained as I traversed the country.

So I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Tatty and Angie just before I left the city. The location was an old abandoned house in Kilimani. I had a different title in mind for this post then as I was looking through the images I realized that most, if not all, of them has some frame of some sort surrounding the subject. Don’t know what was going through my mind that day. So here are my fav images.

Something about the light in this shot. Don’t ask me what it is.

It’s all about the framing in this one.

I’m beyond words for this one. Beyond words.

This photo just makes me happy :-D

For other images from this shoot, do have a look through the image gallery below. Enjoy!!

Swahili Fashion Week – Nairobi Showcase.

Salutations my good people :-D I trust y’all had a most awesome week. I had the privilege of being AnnSophie Achera’s personal photographer at the Swahili Fashion week this past weekend. When I was not furiously snapping away as her collection was showcasing on the runway, I was taking other images as I saw them. Here are a few notable ones.

First off, I noticed this pretty girl seated across from me and every time she turned to look at the screens, the light caught her face in a most lovely way. Took me a while but I finally got this shot of her. 

Then, I caught up with the beautiful Sarah Hassan before the show started. That’s someone I need to work with REAL soon. This is a shot I luckily got after the show was done and she was recording a PTC for her show on Africa Magic.

And finally, this is my shot of the night. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t have an answer for that question. It’s just one of those things.

More images in the gallery below. Please show some love to my friend by liking her page. That’s where the images of her collection on the runway will probably premiere :-D And check out my page on Facebook for more images from the event :-)

What do y’all think of the latest design of the blog? Good? Bad? Ugly? Don’t really care as long as the posts keep coming? Please leave me a comment and lemme know. Dhangk :-)

So I Shot a Girl…

And she was pretty! Her name is Wofa and she was introduced to me by Le Photo Ninja. SO, allow me to prove that she’s quite the beauty.

Since our favorite thing to do as we shoot is to take photos of each other, I’ve thrown in some photos of Le Photo Ninja herself and her cohorts :-D


If you think these are anything, you should see what she got on her camera. It’s for blowing minds and things :-)

Beauty on top of KICC

I really need to write better headlines :-D Here’s hoping all of you had a most fantastic time since I last came by here to share with you my work. Some time last week I had the pleasure of spending some time on the roof of KICC with my friend Ciru. Here’s what transpired:

And finally, my favorite one of them all (I’m sure some of you have already seen this)

Pretty one isn’t she? :-) The light play in that last shot is just THE ONE! You should have seen her protesting that I was taking pics of her with the specs on :-D

More images come your way later this week. Till then, ciao!

Person(s) of the Day – Twaila and Sara

Allow me to introduce you to Twaila .

She works in the Insurance industry.

She was the 200th like(r) on my Facebook page  and for that she won a shoot with me :-D

As usual. I asked her what 3 things the world doesn’t know about her. The answers were:

1. She is totally shy around people she doesn’t know.
2. She didn’t have hair when I was a child, it was not funny.
3. She is terrible at answering questions. Like now (Reumac claps in glee as he types the sentence).

Her aspirations for the next 10 years are to be married with little ones running around the house. And having fun with life.

And as a treat, allow me to introduce you to Sara a.k.a Murugi Kagotho.

She is a student by proffession..and a future scientist/teacher

Her 3 things are:

1. (In her words)  I am very very animals-ey. I love creepy
crawlies and mean looking dogs/snakes..but arachnophobia is REAL..if
you have 8 legs,we can never be friends
2. She can’t scream
3. She is secretly an alien informant sent to Earth to spy for a sentient race of extra-terrestrials poised to arrive and take over shortly (she was kidding with that one :-)

In the next decade she wants to be at the Trinidad & Tobago carnival!!!! If not,on a
farm she owns, uprooting her supper…or potty training (not her,but the

So I was curious to find out how these two met. These are the verbatim reports

Twaila: Met Sara in high school, almost 10 years ago. Gosh, makes me feel so old. She’s my constant favorite now.

Sara: Twaila was a really jumpy girl I met on the first day of high school. I found her quite annoying that first day but she ended up growing on me..almost a decade later,she’s my wingman:-)

So before I bid y’all adieu, I must say a couple of things. First, it’s my birthday this week :-D Second, I had in my company during this shoot the wonderful Barbara who was such a fantastic assistant/shoot director/deejay. Since she’s like one of my favorite people to shoot I just had to do a couple shots of her as we waited for Twaila and Sara to change

And that dear friend is all I had for you today. Look out for many more photos later in the week. This isn’t the only shoot I did that day. Some really cool shots will be coming up, so watch this space carefully :-)

Random Photos of a Beautiful Lady

So this post is everything the title promises it is :-D Featured is my friend Maxine who is a *Rock Legend* (it says so on her Tshirt :-) Shot as we cracked jokes on my rooftop terrace at sunset the other day.



I have a plan. That will blow your minds. Just wait :-D


Hello my good people!!!

I trust everyone is fabulous, yes? So my content strategy has suffered a few setbacks of recent so today I’m going to point you in the direction of where you should look for more photos by Reumac. I saw a post by my good friend Mutua a couple of days before the beginning of the month about this exciting Instagram project entitled #Kenya365 that he was going to undertake in conjunction with a couple of other photographers. Read more about it here. I decided to take the challenge as well and you can see my photos so far on my Instagram or my Tumblr. If you want a treat, check out that hashtag on Instagram. The images there are quite something :-D

Keep it fresh people :-) Lemme look for photos to put up later in the week….

Tasty Treats – My Vegetable Salad

So the other day I decided to take a swing at this food styling thing. Thought up a salad I would wanna eat then went to the supermarket and got myself a few things to make it. This is what I came home with.


After a bit of slicing and dicing and test shooting, I took the salad into the late evening sun that was streaming through my balcony door and had some fun with it. First, the birds eye view shot.

I decided at that point that I didn’t like the results enough to continue shooting so I stuck a fork in it, threw a couple of slices of avocado on top and took 2 last shots before I dived in.

And that dear friends is the story of my first (failed) attempt at food styling. Gonna be doing a lot more of such in the future so you can only look forward to more failures and lots more successes :-)

In other news, I’m taking part in the #Kenya365 project on Instagram so you should definitely check out that hashtag as well as my Instagram account (reumac) to keep abreast with my progress. I’ll try to do a weekly round up at the end of every week for all of you (blackberry users especially *flashes loser sign at them*) who can’t get on Instagram :-)

1st Annual Kenya Kite Fest…Impressions of a day well spent

I don’t know how I ended up not putting these photos up. You must forgive me. I beg and plead for your mercy. A couple of weeks back I woke up early in the morning to go and shoot at the 1st Annual Kenya Kite fest. I was doing it for my good friends Urban Live, who were part of the team organizing the event. Without beating many stories, here’s my favorite image from the hundreds I shot that day. Image

By the way, I took this AFTER I got a chance to fly that kite. Best. Feeling. EVER! More images of the fun times in the gallery below :-D


I’m back to regular blogging. You can look forward to at least 2 posts a week from now on :-) And that’s a promise.

Tasty Treats – Steve’s Chicken Bacon Wrap

Before I say anything further, imagine my surprise when I found out these big guys were being sold at 79 bob per kilo in Kiambu. I have been in OD mode since this shoot. So sad their season is almost over.

All matters tangerine aside, the one thing I like to do as a small business owner is supporting fellow small business owners. I had the chance to do that the other day when my friend Steve asked me to photograph his wraps. So I decided to document the whole  process of making the wrap as a bonus to test myself and my skills. So ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing leisure and pleasure I present to you, Steve’s chicken/bacon wrap:

First step is to make the wrap itself. A bit of rolling is required.

When that is nice and flat, he pops it under a grill for a couple of minutes so it can rise and cook.

As all this is happening, the chicken and bacon are frying on the cooker. That kitchen smelled GOOD that morning.

When the wrap is ready and is cooling, the vegetables are chopped up nicely in preperation for the wrap building process.

The chicken and bacon once ready are put aside to cool and the man gets ready to make his wraps.

They look delish eh? Next step is the beginning of the wrap building process. The wrap is put on a piece of aluminium foil and a number of condiments put on it to form the base. This was the mayo.

Next comes a layer of veges. The cabbage and lettuce are ALWAYS fresh. Since he was building this particular wrap for me, I insisted on more mayo. He doesn’t use that much mayo usually :-)

Next bit is my favorite. The chicken and bacon bits are generously sprinkled onto the wrap. Must I say quite a number of those bits never made it onto the wrap? ;-)

And since Reumac has a death wish, MORE MAYO!!!

That’s the point Steve hid the mayo bottle away from me. Next up was more veges to enhance the flavor of the wrap. I loved how they added colour to the dish. (As Steve looked away momentarily, I stole the mayo bottle and gave it a generous squeeze on top of the wrap :-)

Time now to wrap it up…literally! The wrap is carefully rolled and ends folded in to keep it fresh and make it a little easier to eat. And then it’s delivered to you in a lil brown paper bag. Time to eat :-D Here’s my wrap after the second bite (or third…fourth…I can’t remember exactly. It was THAT good)

So if you want a taste of Steve’s chicken bacon wrap, drop him a line on his twitter and he can have one delivered to you. They’re filling, tasty like nothing else and quite affordable. As well as being quite healthy. He uses only the freshest vegetables and meat. And not that much mayo :-) I would rather buy two of these than go to some hot, cramped restaurant in town for lunch. And that’s that.

I’m in the market for other small business people in the food industry who would wanna partner with me for the Tasty Treats section of this blog. So if you know a person, holla at a brother in the comments section. Dhengks :-D

Y’akoto’s Good, Better, Best

The star herself getting ready for her close up..

So some time last year I had the absolute priviledge of being invited to a set by DMYK Films to do the behind the scenes photos for an international musician’s music video shoot. I had SO much fun as I worked and observed how the pros shoot. And I got some pretty kick ass photos while I was at it, which you can see here.

The video itself has just recently been uploaded and you can enjoy it here. It’s such a happy video and the song definitely has a message. Africa is the future.

Chizi: One and Only…A recollection

I should confess now that I am a HUGE fan of Dan ‘Chizi’ Aceda. I play his music on loop most times. So you can imagine how happy I was to see him in concert the other day. My camera was happier :-) The highlights are below:

The drums

and Chizi dancing his way into the crowd’s heart :-D

More images in the gallery below. I know this post is a couple of days late but si at least I have put the photos up, right? :-D

Portraits of a Photographer: Le Photo Ninja

I think it’s high time I outed a friend of mine. Her art goes by the title Just Nailantei photography but to some of us she’s known as Le Photo Ninja. I’ve been shooting with her a lot over the past couple of weeks and along the way, I collected quite a few images of her that I now feel I must share.

Lemme pick out my few favorites then I’ll let you go through the rest and leave your thoughts about them in the comment section below :-D  

This one will probably get me killed. But that’s what we’re usually doing when someone points a camera at us.

If photos could have a soul, this one would definitely have one. Taken as we were waiting for a client to make a quick wardrobe change while on set the other day.

And finally,

We call her Talanda :-) She’s known as Cathy by the rest of the world. She’s pretty great with grips and lighting.

More images, below. And in other news, I’m back to shooting in black and white more often than not *crowd goes wild*


A Taste of Things to come

Hey everybody *waves* I know I’ve been MIA for a while and I’M SORRY. *dodges missiles* I shall soon be making my come back. And it’ll be in a BIG way. So don’t give up reading just yet :-D

To whet your collective appetites, here are images from a shoot I directed over the weekend for my good friends Nailantei and designer Maria. Enjoy!!

A pretty smile

A pretty smile

I couldn’t and still can’t get over how photogenic this young lady was. She joined us as we were on location for the shoot with Jackie’s Jewels. Couldn’t resist the temptation to catch a few frames of her during the breaks…

Deep in my thoughts

Deep in my thoughts

Shot on location for Jackie’s Jewels.

Tasty Treats – Grilled Pepper Steak

Today, we shall look at a firm favorite  for meat eaters all over . Allow me to present to you Grilled Pepper Steak as presented to me at The Mvuli House.

The meat has been lovingly marinated and grilled for that extra special tenderness and lots of flavour in every bite. It’s one of those meals you can’t go wrong with :-)  The Mvuli House is the place to be if you wanna have a taste of this for yourself. They’re located opposite Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi’s South C area.

More Tasty Treats shall come your way next week. For now, please like my Facebook page :-)

Tasty Treats – Vegetable Salad

This week, we’re going all healthy and things on the tasty treats segement :-D I present to you vegetable salad as presented to me at The Mvuli House.

Fresher than tomorrow’s lettuce and so good for you :-) You have to try out  The Mvuli House soon. I couldn’t believe such a gem has remained so close to the CBD and the airport. And it’s affordable too :-D

More Tasty Treats for you next week. For now, did you know that I have exclusive offers running on my Facebook page? Check it out and like to keep updated. While you’re at it, check out my Tumblelog and follow :-D


It’s so underrated. Believe me. This was an image I captured of the back of one of the wedding programs at my friend Amanda’s wedding. The colour fringing on the shadow is because the sun was filtering through the stained glass windows of the church :-D



Keep an eye on my Facebook page. Got lots of crazy offers lined up for ye who love having your photos taken and I’ll only post them there. Now you know the secret :-D

Amanda weds Arnold: The Outtakes

So I shot at a friend’s wedding the other day. It wasn’t anything too serious. I was just feeling creative. Here are some of the shots I got.

Just to highlight my favorite shot

2 things make this my favorite shot. First, the attention to detail at that wedding was insane. Second, the light play with the candles :-D

Slowly getting back into the blogging. Forgive me my peoples. I’ve been terribly busy. But if you keep an eye on my Tumblelog you’ll get real time updates :-D

The Attack of the Living Dead

Give the title a minute then it’ll feel right :-) The other day I took a walk through my garden right before the rain hit. I came across a fair maiden staring up at the clouds wondering what time the deluge would begin.

I stood at a distance, transfixed as she wandered about the garden 

Unbeknownst to either of us, on the other side of the yard a rather alluring zombie had been hung out to dry and she wasn’t too happy that the rain was at hand yet she hadn’t been released from her bondage.

The fair maiden continued traipsing around the garden and I followed, camera in hand. Then word came to us that there was a foxy zombie lurking about. She had just been let loose and she was last seen headed to the abandoned sheds at the far end of the property. Gathering up the courage of a few good men, she ventured towards the sheds to try and catch a glimpse of this ravishing being. She crept up to the first shed and peeked in…

*Announcer’s voice* Does the rain fall? What does the fair maiden find inside the abandoned shed? Find out more next week on THE ATTACK OF THE LIVING DEAD!

Big up to Neema

and Kinya

for the great ideas and the awesome poses that made up this blog post :-D

Tasty Treats – Spaghetti Bolognese

Exhaustion, thy name is Reumac. The after effects of an active weekend aren’t the prettiest, that’s for sure. My sole aim still remains to keep y’all entertaines so, I present to you spaghetti bolognese as presented to me at The Mvuli House.

Looks. So. Tasty. The Mvuli House is really the place to be if you, like me, want to have some of this.

More Tasty Treats shall come your way next week. This week feels like it’s gonna be interesting, so better keep an eye out for what I have in store for you. Or you could just hit subscribe :-D

Slum Living

So I took a walk in the slum behind my hood today with my friend Caroline. The idea was for me to see her shooting style and give her tips and tricks to get good photos.  We were both a bit apprehensive about walking into the slum with our expensive equip but it ended up being such a pleasant experience. Here are a few of the better images I got;

His eyes. Haunting.

I haven’t the slightest clue as to what this money is for, but it was there literally in the middle of the road. So I entitled this shot, The Money Changer’s Box.

There were cows grazing in the field next to the slum. Effluent from sewerage does make grass grown strong and green.

A river runs through the slum and it seems that the people use it as their waste disposal.

The river water is so full of chemicals, it froths on it’s own. The wetland that would absorb this pollution is currently under development despite protest to NEMA by the Kenya Alliance of Residents’ Associations and the neighborhood residents’ associations.

But in the middle of all this, some hope. Young men do soccer training on the field right next to the slum. The local soccer clubs are gaining prominence in the lower leagues and the youth of the slum are making something of themselves through sports.

I learnt a lot today. I hope to do something positive, however small, for that slum really soon. Can’t keep waiting for someone else to do it. For the final image, this is what seemed to be the best food joint in the whole area :-)


What’s cracking fam? So, this past weekend I attended the 1st anniversary gig for UP Nairobi which was dubbed UP Live. I won’t say much about it here though because I think my friend Shaz did a pretty awesome job with that. You can read her blog post here. Lemme instead show you, through my lens, what transpired. First up, a couple of images of note.

A friend of mine called Audrey took this while I was off doing the boogie. I think she’ll be a totally awesome photographer really soon.

Heineken chicks > Burn chicks. Just saying. And if anyone knows one of these two, please tell them I have more their photos.

The rest of the images are available in the gallery below. Also, you can visit the story I did for Urban Live about the same event here.

Person of the Day – Fauziya Hussein

Allow me to introduce you to Fauziya.

She is in her second year studying Psychology in the Kenyatta University.

On one of my regular trawling sessions through the ‘find friends’ section on my Facebook profile, I happened across her profile and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a shoot with her :-D

As usual. I asked her what 3 things the world doesn’t know about her. The answers were:

1. She can’t wink (proved by trial. Hilarious stuff I tell you)
2. She can sing but is really shy about it (I can’t vouch for this though)
3. She loves guys who smell good (and that’s not just soap but actual cologne)

Her aspirations for the next 10 years are to be happy and successful. Because that combination is rare.

The photo above felt so fashion forward. I don’t know why :-)

This shoot was full of it’s moments. Moments of discovery especially. Everyone learned something new that day. Some more than others ;-) I must say Fauziya did so well in this shoot. That’s why there are so many more photos below :-D

Fauziya’s friend Wariara was kind enough to act as shoot assistant during the shoot and at the end I just HAD to take a couple of shots of her. First, she showed Fauziya how to sit and look like a lady

Then she smiled for the camera
And finally I took a shot of the both of them

That marks the end of today’s post. Next week, we do it all over again :-)

Tasty Treats – Flank Steak

Time again for me to torture you with photographs of some tasty meals. I present to you a grilled flank steak as presented to me at The Mvuli House.

Guaranteed to get your tastebuds going, I tell you. The Mvuli House is most definitely a must-visit for anyone looking to experience Nairobi from all facets. Try them out today.

More Tasty Treats shall come your way next week. We have one more Person of the Day post coming up this week, so do check back for that.

Person of the Day – Karima Chiuri

Allow me to introduce you to Karima.

She is in her second year studying Medicine in the University of Nairobi.

I met her at #WLL4 in the company of my friend Nick and I knew there and then I had to have a shoot with her.

As usual. I asked her what 3 things the world doesn’t know about her. The answers were:

1. She is shy (to which I replied “Oh really?”)
2. She is a severe grammar nazi (really wouldn’t know. I don’t think she tweets enough)
3. She likes lions (apparently she’s crazy about them)

Her aspirations for the next 10 years are to be driving a BMW 120d, to be somewhere in the world doing medicine and finally to be thinking of starting/have started a family.

I can’t say much about this shoot. Aside from saying that it didn’t rain till AFTER we were done with the shoot (can’t be thankful enough for that)

Look out for more interesting pics coming up later in the week. There’ll be a second Person of the Day post a bit later in the week as well as some Tasty Treats coming to you. So check back every day.

In other news, are you on Instagram?  Look me up. The name is Reumac :-D

Yet Another Apology Post

I do this one too many times these days. But look on the bright side. Means there’s some really good stuff coming up really soon :-D

I have 2 person of the day posts lined up. First is Karima

Then Fauziya

And I will stop apologizing and start doing…

Tasty Treats – Grilled Lamb Chops

THE FOOD IS BACK!!! I know a couple of you had really been campaigning for this segment to make a come back. Well, your wishes have been granted. I present to you grilled lamb chops as presented to me at The Mvuli House.

Need I say more? Well, lemme just say that The Mvuli House is a very serene place that’s not only affordable but also your comfort is guaranteed. Try them out today :-)

More Tasty Treats shall come your way next week. For now, have you liked my Facebook page? Have you also followed my Tumblelog? You better do so NOW if you haven’t.

World’s Loudest Library – 4

So this past Sato, I joined a couple of my friends and made some new friends at this month’s World Loudest Library held by the PMBC Library (Who you can find out about here)
Kenya Power sabotaged us like halfway through the gig but that didn’t stop the fun. The candles were unleashed and the people quieted down (except for me and @mkaigwa on the drums for….dramatic effect) to listen to excerpts from last month’s challenge “Made in China” As that was going on, I got these two images of the event organizers @tender_thang and @Raph_out_loud.

That last image was at the insistence of @mkaigwa. Awesome chap that one. The rest of the images are below. A couple of them WILL get me shot at (I’m looking at you Kato). But I don’t care.

This week will be an interesting one so make sure you’ve subscribed to the blog and kept a bookmark on your browser. Big tings a gwan ;-)

Blankets and Wine in Mombasa a.k.a Blankets at the Beach.

So I was in Nyali for Blankets and Wine this past Sunday. The lighting was pretty crap but my lovely camera took it in a stride and pushed out some pretty awesome images.

This was my favourite image. I think the kid was looking for her parents. The stare down she gave @annemitaru and @raaheli was EPIC. 

For more images, hit up the slideshow below or check them out on my Facebook page. Like the page if you enjoy the pictures :-D


Look out for images from my travails in Malindi some time next week.

My travels at the Coast: A teaser

So I’m sitting at a Dormans in Nyali having a smoothie and I thought I should tease y’all for a min :-)

More to come when I get to Nairobi…

Time for a break – Happy Easter!


Jumbo Stare down

So I was going through my hard drive today and I stumbled upon this photo. I was staring down an elephant at the Ark in the Aberdares Nat. Park back in 2010.


Such fun times :-)

White Flower

So it rained today. Then it stopped. Then it hailed. Then it stopped for real :-) The sun came out and I thought it would be cool to see what the hailstones had brought down from the trees. I was lucky to find this in the garden.


I saw it as a sign that now the rain is here, there is hope that we will go back to lush green gardens and pretty flowers all over the place. Can’t wait :-D

In other non-related news, the Tasty Treats segment will be making a come back on the blog in a couple of days, so do look out for that. Here’s a ‘taste’ of what’s to come :-D


#NdaniYaMa3 – A Pictorial Exposition.

So this is me lazily chilling on the couch and timeline watching when the urge to listen to Ma3‘s Boda washes over me. So I do what I do best and visit KevDaNative’s site to indulge my urges. There, I notice his post on #NdaniYaMa3 and I realize that I haven’t done mine. So, here are my photos from that gig. Please forgive if they’re a lil wonky. Still trying to learn the ropes of the new camera :-D









That’s all. Have a fun weekend, friends :-D

Ndani ya Ma3 – A teaser

I do this too often. But it’s not my fault. Blame it on getting home late after a gig. There’s more where this one came from :-D


How’s it hanging my good people? SO, I got a new camera and a couple of other things yesterday and I got the opportunity to play around with them all today in my backyard. I called a couple of friends (and sent out word far and wide) for test subjects and these are the results of those tests.

First up was my friend Jacky. She popped in for a quick shoot and I did it sans reflector.

Next up was Ndila and her friend Claire. This shoot took a while as I was basically trying everything out. But the images I got are currently blowing my mind away :-). Lemme start with Ndila.

Assisting me with the lighting was Claire. She also had a go in front of the camera (albeit after a lot of coaxing).

This one’s a bonus image I’m adding at Ndila’s behest.


That last image was one of the best if not the best photo I took today. I’m really impressed with the tonal gradations this camera gives. As well as excited that I have autofocus again. No more unintenionally soft focused images :-) It’s a lot more difficult to use than the trusty Sony A200 that I’ve been using. Lots more buttons to fiddle with and settings to remember to set properly. But I guess with time and practise I’ll be at ease with it.
Next week, I’ll try out the video and I’ll definitely post the results here. Till then, keep it loose and have fun :-D


Do you guys think I should keep image size down like I have done for this post or stick to my full size images as before? Your thoughts would be HIGHLY appreciated :-)

Coming soon…


I got a new camera :-D Trying it out later today (this was written at 2.24AM after a long night unboxing and reading manuals and what not) so I’ll post sample images when I’m done with the shoot. ION, what a week eh? It rained here tonight. Haven’t been happier in a long long while. Hope the grass gets rejuvenated enough for my test shoots in the afternoon to look a bit green. 

Now I’m rambling. Off to do dishes :-) 


So last Sunday I was helping out at a shoot for a couple of friends (they go by the name Fashion Nouveau). The location was Arboretum and I had my camera out to capture those special side moments. This photo was one of those. It looked good in my mind.

AAAND that’s all folks :-D

So Reumac does much more than photography

What’s happening my good people??!!! Who’s missed me? I’m sure there must be at least one of you who has missed me. Somebody? Anybody? Body?
Anyhu, as this post’s title suggests, I do a lot more than JUST take photos. For example, for the past 3 editions of the Kinanda Arts Festival, I’ve been doing the official ‘aftermovie’ as we like to call it. The video I did for Kinanda 9 is below

The ones I did for Kinanda 10 are below

Now for the piece de resistance. Or at least that’s how it’s spelt in my brain. I had the priviledge of working with the Ma3 band and a brilliant videographer from BBC called Owain on a live and unplugged version of their song ‘Haki Yetu’. You can watch this below

I must say shooting and editing that video was the most fun I have had in a long long while :-D Please feel free to watch and share these videos. I would not mind if you dropped a comment on them professing your absolute love for my work :-)

If all goes well, this week will be full of content. Let’s see what happens. Happy Monday y’all!!

Ethereal Light

So, I was up entirely too early yesterday morning. As I struggled to de-mist my foggy, sleep filled mind, I took a short walk around the house and slowly realized that the sun’s light was looking pretty as it filtered through the leaves. It looked something like this

I don’t think the photo does full justice to what I was seeing, but I think you get the basic idea. It looked so cool :-D

Random Sunset in Nairobi

So today, I was that guy rolling in my 504 with my accomplice Tony (a.k.a. @weka_tyre) braving looks of death from fellow Kenyans as we were taking pics for an essay I’m doing for some guys. We traversed the whole of the city in search of the perfect image and hopefully, we did get a couple of perfect images. After the work was done, we retreated to Tony’s place to escape the heat and dust and unwind after the craziness we’d been through. An idea struck me to do photos of sunset and since I’d left the camera in the car (and I wasn’t going down 5 flights of stairs to get it) I pulled out my trusty Galaxy Mini and shot the sun as it set. This is what I got.

Does it look good?

Also, what do y’all think about the new design of the blog?

Behind The Scenes of A Music Video

So, I woke up to this video on my Facebook timeline on Saturday evening and it reminded me that I hadn’t yet put up any of the behind the scenes shots I’d taken at the same shoot. This video is going to be KILLER so you best watch out for it.


That was the director Andrew getting interviewed by Enzi Media for the BTS video.

A scene being shot

The same scene. That’s how it looked. Awesome, eh?

The fun bit was scooting around on the tracks for the jib and activating the smoke machine :-)

I directed this scene. That was a very fun job, why lie.

The hours were long, but the dedication was strong. This was the last scene being set up.

And finally, we got a chance to play around a bit with the blacklights. Awesome stuff I tell you.

With that said, I promise I’ll try to shoot some wherever I’ll be this week. So do look out for some interesting posts :-D