Delectable Delights: Lamb Chops

In this edition of the Delectable Delights segment, I present yet another tasty dish that’s on the menu at Hashmi’s Barbeque Centre in Westlands.

Allow me to present to you today’s dish, Lamb Chops. These are spiced lamb chops roasted on charcoal and served with a side of salad.

I think the one thing that thoroughly impressed me about this dish is that since it is well marinated like all meat dishes at Hashmi’s, the flavours are so well infused into the lamb that the effect it has on your tongue makes it feel like it has sublimated from earth to straight to heaven. The chops are very tender and and absolute joy to eat.

As always, if you wanna partake in this dish, drop by Hashmi’s BBQ centre at Ukay centre in Westlands. Be sure to say I sent you there 😀 It is very spacious and suitable for anything from a family dinner to a romantic surprise.

More delectable delights shall be coming to a computer screen near you really soon…


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