At Sankara Hotel

I have this nasty habit of looking up. It lands me in hot water sometimes but other times it’s just the best darned idea in the world. Case in point: some time last year I went to Sankara to cover an office workshop for a few days. I actually spent most of my time looking up with the camera to my eye. I saw this;
And this;

I quite enjoyed the few days I spent at the hotel. The service was good, it did have the wow factor and the food was fantasic. Well, except the day that they did an African menu. Not a fan of ugali :-/ The art that was all over the place was especially intriguing. Sculptures especially. Por exemplo

I really liked this one piece that was looking into the wine bar. I wonder who did it. The attention to detail is fantastic. The rest of the hotel is really tastefully furnished. I would love to do a shoot there sometime.

I must admit, I am a sucker for places that are lit in unique ways 😀

Anyhu, that’s that for today. As always, thank you so much for reading today’s post and do keep checking back because I do have a lot in store for you this week 🙂



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