Flashback Friday 04 – The Photo Walk

What it does people?!! Karibu sana (welcome) to the fourth edition of the Flashback Fridays segment. In this post, let me take you down memory lane to a land I left long long ago.

One random week day some time in mid May 2009 I went walking on a small island by the harbour in Kalmar with my friend and fellow photographer Agnes Rube armed with my trusty Canon 400D and her with a 40D

It was a chance for me to explore a part of Kalmar I hadn’t yet visited, as well as talk to Agnes about life in Nairobi as she was set to come to my university as an exchange student soon after. And I did see some interesting stuff.

Yes, there was a rail in the woods. Story was that a long time before, there was a small industry on that small island that used the rail system to move the goods around the factory. That factory got shut down and pulled apart but the rail was left as a testament to history.

Sometimes they say that the best place to look for inspiration is up. And that we did. What I miss about doing photo walks is that it’s an opportunity for one to explore their creative eye uninhibited by fear of robbers or city council askaris breathing down your neck.

That beautiful building is the Kalmar museum. It was wonderful walking through that museum and reading the history of the Nordic communities that settled in Kalmar and built the Kalmar slott (Castle) that survives up till this day.

Finally, I don’t know why but I found this sign absolutely hilarious. Being that this was the harbour and all, there was a real and present danger that cars could fall off the sides and into the water. However, I am not sure this was the best way to show that 😀

And on that funny note, it’s time to end the post. Lovely weekend y’all!!!


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