Flashback Friday 05 – Easter in Kalmar

It was the first time that I was doing Easter holidays outside my homeland. Predictably, I didn’t plan to go anywhere over Easter (not that I could afford to anyway) so I resigned myself to a quiet Easter spent in my hostel room watching movies and chatting with friends. Little did I know how much I would get up to that weekend.

It’s like spring heralded the beginning of barbecue season in Kalmar. I think I attended at least 5 barbecues in a period of 4 days. That’s not even counting the pre-parties I went for. This image was from the  barbecue my friends held on the top floor of our hostel. The sparks made such wonderful light trails as we set about getting the fire as hot as possible as soon as possible using someone’s hair dryer. That’s a trick I so have to use at a barbecue real soon 😀

At that same party, we were playing this game. Don’t remember what it was called. But it was a whole bucket load of fun. The idea was to get 3 pieces or more in a straight line. The French people kept winning 😀

Talking about French folk, I spent a whole lot of time that weekend with two angels – Eve-lise and Adele (pictured bottom right and top right respectively). They were part of the French contingent of the exchange student community and probably the best friends I had the whole time I was there. This photo was taken at yet another barbecue I showed up at during that weekend. This time it was the exchange student community who hadn’t gone home or abroad for Easter coming together to have some fun. Something interesting that I just noticed about this picture is that the two on the left are German and the two on the left are French 😀

The exchange student community at Kalmar kinda felt like a mini United Nations. We had students from all over the world coming together with one common goal – Education. This also meant that there were a lot of beautiful young ladies there as well 😀 but I digress. That barbecue did end up being a photo shoot because the evening sun was giving off some glorious soft light and the photographer in me just wouldn’t let that slip by.

This is arguably one of my best portraits from the whole of my 4 month stay in Kalmar. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and Cathrin was such a joy. She translated what I had seen in my head into the pose. I ended up always taking a photo of her whenever she was around me.

Finally, as part of my cultural experience, I got to go for a pre-easter event at the Kalmar museum a.k.a ‘the witching night’. You can get the full story here. There were kids all over the place in the museum and my friends were helping out in the origami room, teaching the kids how to make various origami animals using art paper. A clear favorite was frogs. They were so cute that I just had to take a photo of one of them.

My apologies for the very random nature of today’s post. For an easier narrative, please visit the journal entry that covered that Easter period as well as the photo album with many other pictures from the same time. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can get first 4 instalments in this series here, here, here and here.

Have fun this weekend folks. Safety starts with you, so don’t go doing anything I wouldn’t do.


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