Random Close Ups of Food

What’s good people?! Thank you for the massive blog loving the whole of yesterday. I promise I will blog more if I can be getting such love every day 😀

Now to other pressing issues. Time for some honest truth. If you take a minute to ask any blogger out there, be it @bikozulu, @mutuamatheka, @wamathai or even @akellove they will tell you that at some point in time as a blogger you do run into a wall called a lack of content. For some it’s a matter of hours or days or even months before they can get back into the rhythm. I kinda ran into that wall a couple of weeks ago. In the spirit of getting my mojo back, I have to keep up with my usual schedule. So this post will be true to it’s title. Presenting, random close ups of food 😀

This is vegetable rice.

As you can guess, this is vegetable salad.

This dish is called Paneer Tikka. I did a post on it a while back if you wanna find out more about it.

Now for all the carnivores out there, this is Mushikaki.

This is Fish Tikka.

And finally, Chicken Poussin.

These photos were all taken at Hashmi’s BBQ centre in Westlands and all these dishes are on the menu there so if you wanna experience them yourself, do pop on over there and enjoy 😀

Randomness over and out. Feel free to share the word.


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