Behind The Scenes of A Music Video

So, I woke up to this video on my Facebook timeline on Saturday evening and it reminded me that I hadn’t yet put up any of the behind the scenes shots I’d taken at the same shoot. This video is going to be KILLER so you best watch out for it.


That was the director Andrew getting interviewed by Enzi Media for the BTS video.

A scene being shot

The same scene. That’s how it looked. Awesome, eh?

The fun bit was scooting around on the tracks for the jib and activating the smoke machine 🙂

I directed this scene. That was a very fun job, why lie.

The hours were long, but the dedication was strong. This was the last scene being set up.

And finally, we got a chance to play around a bit with the blacklights. Awesome stuff I tell you.

With that said, I promise I’ll try to shoot some wherever I’ll be this week. So do look out for some interesting posts 😀


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