An Afternoon with Feven

My creativity in post titles has gone to the dogs these days. Sigh. What’s good people? First off, due to many many many instances of theft, I’m trying out a new watermark on my images. Do tell me what you think about it on the comments section.

Now, I had the absolute honor of shooting with Feven yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, I was in shock and awe the whole time because she was so easy to work with and the images were so great one after the other. Below is a montage of my favorite 2 images of them all.


But enough talk now. Enjoy gallery 😀

An Afternoon with Asha

First, before y’all kill me, I just had the absolute pleasure of taking shots of miss Asha of Turande. And they were so good that I got convinced to blog again. It’s not very often that a photographer gets a chance to photograph a photographer 😀


This is undoubtedly my favorite image from the whole shoot.



Si you know I likes my monochromatic images? 😀



She looks FIERCE in this one. And finally,



So pretty! Asha showed up with her cousin Wambui who was a great help with holding my equip and what not.

Before I leave y’all to stare open mouthed at the gallery below, my most sincere apologies for not blogging since the end of last year. I am to blame. But imma try now. Promise.

Reumac out.


So I Shot a Girl…

And she was pretty! Her name is Wofa and she was introduced to me by Le Photo Ninja. SO, allow me to prove that she’s quite the beauty.

Since our favorite thing to do as we shoot is to take photos of each other, I’ve thrown in some photos of Le Photo Ninja herself and her cohorts 😀


If you think these are anything, you should see what she got on her camera. It’s for blowing minds and things 🙂

Picture of The Day – Joy

What’s happening good people?! This is me hoping that everyone has had a most fantastic weekend and thanking you once again for being that person checking out my blog right now 😀

Today’s post is the last in a series of posts about a shoot I had at the Ngong Hills with @tindilicious 2 sundays ago. Now, these days I have learnt that having someone at your side at shoots is important because there are things you will not see as a photographer that someone else will see. Like a misplaced strand of hair. Or a hand that’s placed funny. So I try as much as possible to have someone acting as my second pair of eyes. For that shoot, my friend Joy was so gracious as to accompany us. While Tindi and Mulwa were figuring out their poses, I took this lovely shot of Joy.

I will try to get her in front of the camera again in the near future so that I can do a full person of the day post about her. Let’s hope she doesn’t run away from the camera 😀
Coming up this week is a whole lot of wonderful photos for you, so make sure you make this blog your first stop on the internet every day 😉 Feel free to drop me a comment below by the way…

Just To Know

I know you know my big little secret

I know you know this sweet open secret

I love yous and secret looks at you

quite the big little secret.

I know you know what I know

I know I make you smile

like you know you make me happy

ooh such a loud little secret

I know you know everything there is to know

that concerns this little thing I feel for you


I know that you know what I know

about that little thing too that warms you

I love you.


Quick note; featured in today’s post was @tindilicious and her boyfriend Mulwa. The poetry is by her as well.

Picture of The Day – Paradise Tree

So this past Sunday I did a lot. After a shoot with the  Buku sisters, I had to dash off to the Ngong hills for a shoot with @tindilicious and her boyfriend. The photos from that shoot will be up tomorrow. Anyhu, Tindi spotted a tree somewhere down the face of one hill that had such luscious green grass under it while the grass around it was dry and brown.

A slice of paradise in the middle of desperation. Me thinks 😀

Picture of The Day – Windmills

What it does people?! So, today’s post is about one of those pictures that gets lost in the batch while photos are being edited after a shoot. A short while ago, I took out my brother’s car and some of my friends and went to shoot at the Ngong hills. What transpired afterwards was 2 great person of the day posts which you can view here and here. This photos is one I took as I was waiting for the shoot director to do her props thing 😀

Lovely eh? Keep it here for more wonderful images as the week progresses, coming to your computer screen thanks to tihs blog 😀

Person of the Day – Kavosa Assava

Allow me to introduce you to Kavosa. She is an International Relations senior at United States International University.

When she’s not in school, she dances, writes poetry, enjoys music, and loves to eat and hate.

In the next 5 years she would like to have finished her law degree. She also wants to run a school or NGO for the under privileged in society where, through individual sponsorship, they can be fed, educated and can nurture their talents and get psychological support.

In her words, she wants to make people’s dreams come true and her motto is “live life, don’t waste it, love it”

These images are part of a shoot I did at the Ngong  Hills. Kavosa was the only one who replied to my tweets about the shoot. I should say she was fantastic to work with. She could’ve been a professional model 😀

This last one is a bonus image I took of my props supervisor/shoot director Kadryn and Kavosa. Quite something huh?

Person of the Day – Christine Njeri

Allow me to introduce you to Christine. She is an IT student at JKUAT in her final year.

I met Christine this past sunday. She heeded to the call I had sent out last week for people to shoot and shoot with at the Ngong hills on sunday and she’d offered to help shoot. She ended up posing for quite a few photos herself apart from doing lighting. She is seriously all about fashion and maintains a  a facebook page entitled “the fashionista mansion” which is all about fashion trends and styles. She is currently working on a blog which will be about my personal style and fashion news and styles. I will link to it as soon as it is up.

In the near future she wants to be “an amazing stylist for an awesome magazine” (her words, not mine). She also wants to own her own fashion store like Mr. Price or Truworths. She is also working on her own fashion website which will cover all that there is to know about the fashion industry in Kenya. She really wishes we had Vogue Magazine in East Africa (I am not an ardent Vogue reader but I must concur).

Christine says that she is all about fashion and she really wishes that she will get a nice job in fashion and get to go Paris, Milan and all the major fashion cities around the world. Fun facts about her, she thinks she’s the craziest person about fashion, and she thinks she’s a major shopaholic but  down to earth kinda person.

More stories about the shoot can be found here. I do have to make special mention of Christine’s agility. She was able to climb a gigantic crane, in heels. That’s some skill, I tell you.


Till later this week, enjoy!!!



I did a bit of photoshop to some of the images. If only to show those punks who were deriding my work that I was working with photoshop while they were still wearing shorts in primary school. As @MutuaMatheka said, photoshop is supposed to enhance the image.

Lyra Aoko

You can find the Person of the Day post I did on Ms. Lyra here and more poetry by Robert Mahebo here.


by Robert Mahebo

She is a beauty so real

Voice so sweet

Face so sleek

My ultimate dream


Woke up to a sight of her

Painted my world all white

Made my life feel right

She doesn’t know me I’m sure

But when she’ll know me she’ll like

The ultimate challenge of her life

A walking parade I’m like


Let her stardom shine

Let her smile fly

Let her life be nice

Coz a superstar she’ll rise

Lyra this is my dedication to thou


Rendezvous in the Hills – Behind the Scenes

What’s good y’all?! Apologies for being away for the past few days. It’s been an interestingly busy weekend.


Anyhu, late last week I sent out a general call on my Twitter and Facebook for people who would be interested to join me at a shoot atop the Ngong hills. The reactions wasn’t fantastic but in retrospect, it was a good thing we weren’t too many people. gave me a chance to focus my energies on the 2 who I ended up shooting.

It was a really fun shoot. Kavosa was the main model and she really really brought it. Kadryn did creative direction and Christine did lighting.

That was Kadryn at work helping Christine pose for a shot. I should say she did a really good job of thinking up poses for both Kavosa and Christine and she was wonderful with props and setting up a scene.

Every shoot has it’s fun moments and we had our fair share of them. My favorite one was right before we called it a wrap when the whole crew started dancing to a luhya wedding song. (I am gonna get skinned alive for posting this picture 🙂

I am thankful for this crew who worked together with a synergy that was on it’s own special level even if they’d only just met. I will be bringing the images from that shoot in 2 installments this week. Both will be person of the day posts about Kavosa and Christine. Look out for those.


Till later, have fun y’all 😀

Click Click the Shutters Click

Click of the shutter ushered our depature

From the land of forgotten to this new jungle of fun

Click she emerged a memory forever

Her liking of the sun made the smile a mile

She wore the rainbow

Face so sweet oooh

Laughter so fresh. This is who she is with her rainbow face



The jungle was her domain

As she sat on the domain

Looking into the camera shy

Shy that the man behind it will find

A softness in her

As the green emerged

The color so nice

New surfaces we explore



In the car they went

For a night out they should

Niceness defined in the photo

Screaming reumac shot this

A sweet domain of photographic epicness

A pictuere today tomorrow’s memories




Model’s name is Faith. Poetry by Robert Mahebo.

Person of the Day – Sheila Maingi

Allow me to introduce you to Sheila. I forgot which year she is in, but she’s a Psychology and Literature major at the University of Nairobi.

I met Sheila at an event in town sometime in March this year. She’d appeared a lot on my timeline before and I think I had read her blog a few times. But when I met her, I IMMEDIATELY followed her and we’ve tweeted each other since. I think @marcusolang, who was with me at the time, had the exact same reaction. From then, I have always wanted to do a shoot with her and last week, I got the golden opportunity.

Her interests include blogging and travelling. I tend to meet her a lot at events so I can also tell she’s a big fan of poetry and live music. She mentioned that her writing is on a whim a.k.a she writes with a muse. Which I thought was cool 😀

Coolest thing she told me while we were shooting was that her ancestral home is somewhere in Kijabe and that the town there is named Maingi after her grandad. How cool is that?! I wish I had a town named after me…

The lighting was something special during the shoot. I know some people will notice I blew out the highlights in most of  the photos but there was reason to that. Which I don’t remember 😀

You can find her on Twitter here.


Till later this week, have fun y’all 😀

Person of the Day – Lyra Aoko

Allow me to introduce you to Lyra. She is the winner of the inaugural Samsung Zikistar competition


I met Lyra at a launch that was held for her at the Galileo lounge mid June. I was covering the launch for Vibe weekly and I remember that when the press was done having a karaoke competition, Lyra was called on to do a rendition of Beyonce’s Listen. When she started singing, I remember remarking to @kevdanative that if she was taking part in the competition, the rest of us had no chance at winning it, only to find out a few minutes later that she was actually the Zikistar 😀

To cut a long story short, Lyra followed me on Twitter shortly after the images from that launch went up (view them here) and I was starstruck (for a short while anyway) She’s most recognized for her attractive smile and bubbly personality. As a performing artist, she has already collaborated with Wyre on a single called Happy that was launched that night at Galileo lounge and has gotten quite a bit of airplay on FM stations across the country.

She’s looking forward to studying communications in the near future. I might not be able to say where and exactly when without express permission 😀 She loves music quite a lot and would like to study it too.

The shoot was a lot of fun. It was very relaxed because she was scared that she couldn’t model. But the images came out really well. Especially the B/W images. It was a challenge choosing the few images I have put up. There were so many fantastic shots.

For more about Lyra, there’s an article on her by One FM available here, you can find her on Facebook here and her SoundCloud is here.



I have been feeling lens flares for a while now. Like the one in that last pic. Not the easiest things to pull off though.

Later gators :-]

What to look out for this week…

So, later this week we will have 2 persons of the day featuring on the blog. First will be the lovely Ms. Sheila (pictured above) then the lovely Ms. Lyra (pictured below)

Keep checking back for those. In the meanwhile, I have quit teasing *hides*


Person of the Day – Cynthia Kimola

Allow me to introduce you to Cynthia. She is a fourth year Communications major at Daystar university.

She is a woman of many talents so she wears many hats at the same time. She is the programming manager for 103.1 Shine FM (daystar’s campus radio station) and she presents a gospel hiphop show on the same station. I can tell she’s a film enthusiast because I met her 2 months ago at a Lola Kenya Screen forum that was showing Organs, a movie shot and produced by a couple of my friends.

According to her, music is a very big part of her life. She is in love with gospel hiphop so you can imagine how close to her heart her show is. Also, she loves her voice, loves to smile, and she derives joy from motivating people (cough, conceited much?, cough)

In a few years she wants to be working for herself at the head of a creative think tank. Sounds cool, right? Fun facts about her: She doesn’t eat cake, milk, oreggs and she would secretly love to be a DJ. Just for the fun of it.

The shoot happened this past Sunday afternoon. Cynthia and her friend Julia (her ‘screen name’) were gracious enough to come to my backyard for the shoot. I will do a post with pics of both of them some time soon, so look out for that. In the meanwhile, that marks the end of today’s post. I have a lot lined up for you this week so bookmark the blog and put a reminder on your phone to check it out every day from now on 😀

*does low bow in Japanese fashion* Domo arigato gozaimasu



Doesn’t that last photo just look interesting. She was channeling her inner shepherdess *hides*


The 4 phases of Crystal

Allow me to introduce you to Crystal a.k.a @crystalolisa. She is a second year student at the East African School of Media Studies majoring in Video Production. I came to know of her a few weeks ago when she responded to one of my random calls for people to shoot for the Person of the Day segment on this blog. I like to think that she was keenly watching her timeline because shortly after I tweeted about it, she had replied.

The shoot took place mid afternoon yesterday and it was refreshing. Believe me that. Let me prove it.

Presenting the 4 phases of Crystal

This is sultry Crystal

That is the very feisty Crystal

A very relaxed Crystal

And finally, a beaming Crystal. A nice smile that one.

Now that is what I call an afternoon well spent 😀

I now bid you farewell. I will try to post again over Independence day weekend. If I don’t blame it on the Americans 😀

There is a pun in this post. Post your guess in the comments section below and you might just win yourself a chance to appear in the Person of the Day segment…

Person of the Day – Faith Njeri

Allow me to introduce Faith Njeri. She’s a holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from USIU and a very good friend of mine. We’ve shared many a bad and good class over the years.

A few weeks ago when I randomly put it on twitter that I wanted someone to shoot for this segment, she was among the first people to holla back at me for details. We set up the shoot and she somehow managed to make it through the rough Nairobi traffic to my backyard on the appointed day. Then the magic began happening.

She did a very good job working the poses and the results truly were fantastic…

For more info about this lovely lady, send her a follow request on her twitter or talk to me nicely 😀


Till later this week, deuces!!

Picture of the Day – Emma and Friends

This year’s Easter weekend was meant to be different. I had planned to help my friends drive down to Malindi and afterwards enjoy a quiet holiday in the picturesque town. That never happened. I had to stay home for the holidays like every year in the past decade. Thankfully, my friend Emma sent me an invite for a barbecue at her place just in time to beat the holiday blues. She was very specific that I should carry along my camera. That I did. And got some beautiful portraits while I was at it 😀 The image above is just one of the many. It stood out for me because it just makes me wanna smile back. Emma (right) had been bugging me to do photos with her for a while so it was a great opportunity for the both of us to interact “photographically” in preparation for a future shoot.

That marks the end of today’s post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

A Real Woman

Psssst! Here’s the beginning of a new segment on this blog 😀 

I am searching for a real woman

One who knows her worth

Not defined by the likes of

Tyra banks or other hopeless hearts

I am searching for a real woman

One who knows her real features

Not depressed by stretch mark

That I can’t even see

If I wanted you before the stretch marks

I will still want you after them

I am searching for a real woman

One who knows what a real man’s worth

I am a rare kind one who will hold you tight

Sing you a lullaby, make you smile

Take you places,

I will be yours only

And never leave you lonely

Your time, is my time

My time is your time

Mi casa a su casa

I am searching for a real woman

One who knows what is golden

Holds her esteem up high

For the real reasons. Not lies

One who loves as much as she’s loved

Gives as much as she receives

One who will dedicate her time

Her worth and life to anew future

A future of you and I

A woman worth all these

I know you might be somewhere there

Saying in your heart,

Wish my man would say that.

If you are a woman of worth

Smile to yourself and say

Here I am

By Laconics


Hat tip to the girl in the photo, Nadia.

Picture of the Day – Looking up to the heavens

What’s good people? I sure hope this week is going well for everybody. So I spent the whole of today wondering where I would be getting inspiration to do today’s post. I took out my camera and took photos of the people I met and places I went in the morning. None of the photos appealed to me. I racked my brain and scanned my archives when I got home in the afternoon. Nothing felt right. Then I took a moment to look up to the heavens. And this happened…

Kadryn has made a previous appearance on this blog and this photo of her was taken in my backyard as part of our first shoot. This photo spoke to me. Really loud.

Be inspired y’all 😀

Persons of the Day – Abi and Kylie

Allow me to introduce Abi and Kylie. So, apparently the Person of the Day segment on this blog has been making some waves on Twirra. And Abi couldn’t have it that she had not been featured on this segment (narcissistic much?) so yesterday she turned up in my backyard with Kylie and magic was created.

Abi is arguably the best writer I know. She maintains a blog and also writes for a site on the interwebs, among many other wonderful things she somehow finds time to do all at once. Abi is one of the best friends I have 😀

Kylie used to be an enigma. She was that chick dressed in black hanging out with Abi when I would meet her. As I got to know her, I learnt that she is one of the most interesting people I know. She’s really cool 😀 Follow her now on twitter.

I am mad exhausted so I can’t say much more (will explain my exhaustion later this week) Enjoy a taste of pics from the rest of the shoot below 🙂

This last picture will get me into A LOT of trouble, but hey, trouble’s my middle name 😉 Later cool peeps!

Person of the Day – Thogi

Allow me to introduce you to the face of the future of fashion in Kenya. She is Thogi, an International Relations student in USIU.

This shoot was done for her blog (which you should definitely view here) It was for a post she was doing on healthy living. I enlisted my trusty sidekick @weka_tyre to help with the lighting  and she had the services of a makeup artist called Lisa Nusu who did a fantastic job as you can see

Thogi has been a friend since right after she joined USIU. I have come to admire her charisma and her eccentric flair. I have followed her foray into the world of fashion and modelling for a while now and when the chance to shoot with her finally came up, I jumped at the chance.

I loved the images that came out of this shoot. Very litttle post processing needed to be done to all of them. Thogi really put a lot of work in her poses and her prep work with the props and the wardrobe for the shoot.

Keep an eye out for Thogi as she is set to change a lot in the fashion industry in Kenya. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so 😀

This last one is a bonus image. Looks tasty, innit? It’s healthy too 😀 Ask Thogi to tell you what goes in it…

Later peeps!